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Gao Zhiqiang
(not current staff)
Gao, Z.-Q.
Zhi-Qiang, G.
Gao, Z.
Zhiqiang, G.
Gao Z
Gao, Zhiqiang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2013A ferrofluid-based homogeneous assay for highly sensitive and selective detection of single-nucleotide polymorphismsShen, Wei ; Lim, Cai Le; Gao, Zhiqiang 
23-May-2013A Highly Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Biosensor for Direct Detection of MicroRNAs in SerumRen, Yuqian; Deng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
315-Apr-2014A highly sensitive and selective homogenous assay for profiling microRNA expressionDeng, H.; Shen, W.; Ren, Y.; Gao, Z. 
415-May-2011A highly sensitive and specific biosensor for ligation- and PCR-free detection of MicroRNAsGao, Zhiqiang ; Peng, Yanfen
57-Apr-2012A highly sensitive electrochemical assay for microRNA expression profilingGao, Zhiqiang 
615-Oct-2014A highly sensitive microRNA biosensor based on hybridized microRNA-guided deposition of polyanilineDeng, H.; Shen, W.; Ren, Y.; Gao, Z. 
75-Feb-2013A Label-Free Biosensor for Electrochemical Detection of Femtomolar MicroRNAsGao, Zhiqiang ; Deng, Huimin; Shen, Wei; Ren, Yuqian
82020A label-free fluorescent sensor based on the formation of poly(thymine)-templated copper nanoparticles for the sensitive and selective detection of microRNA from cancer cellsMa, Q.; Gao, Z. ; Dayal, H. ; Yau Li, S.F. 
915-Jun-2013A label-free microRNA biosensor based on DNAzyme-catalyzed and microRNA-guided formation of a thin insulating polymer filmShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang 
107-Jun-2011A microfluidic-assisted microarray for ultrasensitive detection of miRNA under an optical microscopeRoy, S.; Soh, J.H.; Gao, Z. 
1115-Jul-1998A new form of vanadium oxide for use as a cathode material in lithium batteriesDai, J.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Gao, Z. ; Siow, K.S. 
122000A Novel Chromium Plating from Trivalent Chromium SolutionHong, G.; Siow, K.S. ; Zhiqiang, G. ; Hsieh, A.K. 
1328-May-2013A real-time colorimetric assay for label-free detection of microRNAs down to sub-femtomolar levelsShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang 
142015A simple and highly sensitive fluorescence assay for microRNAsShen, Wei; Yeo, Kiathuei; Gao, Zhiqiang 
152-Sep-1998A.C. impedance study on the interface of lithium and polymer electrolyte based on lithium-N(4-sulfophenyl) maleimideXu, W.; Siow, K.S. ; Gao, Z. ; Lee, S.Y. 
161996Adsorptive stripping differential pulse voltammetric determination of trace amounts of tin in biological samplesGao, Z. ; Siow, K.S. 
171996Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Traces of Molybdenum in Natural Water in the Presence of α-BenzoinoximeGao, Z. ; Siow, K.S. 
181-Feb-2011Amplified detection of microRNA based on ruthenium oxide nanoparticle-initiated deposition of an insulating filmPeng, Y.; Gao, Z. 
1915-Mar-2013An electrodeposited redox polymer-laccase composite film for highly efficient four-electron oxygen reductionShen, W.; Deng, H.; Teo, A.K.L.; Gao, Z. 
2015-May-2013An electronic sensor array for label-free detection of single-nucleotide polymorphismsShen, Wei; Deng, Huimin; Ren, Yuqian; Gao, Zhiqiang