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121-Apr-2020"You Cannot Offer Such a Suggestion"Foong, Pin Sym ; Lim, Charis Anne; Wong, Joshua ; Lim, Chang Siang ; Perrault, Simon Tangi ; Koh, Gerald CH 
32006Wnt, Hedgehog and Junctional Armadillo/β-Catenin Establish Planar Polarity in the Drosophila EmbryoColosimo P.F.; Tolwinski N.S. 
42016Wnt pathway activation by ADP-ribosylationYang, E; Tacchelly-Benites, O; Wang, Z; Randall, M.P; Tian, A; Benchabane, H; Freemantle, S; Pikielny, C; Tolwinski, N.S ; Lee, E; Ahmed, Y
518-Jun-2020Why behavioral neuroscience still needs diversity?: A curious case of apersistent needSRIRAM AJAY MATHURU 
61-Feb-2021Why and how does the regulation of emerging technologies occur? Explaining the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation using the multiple streams frameworkNIHIT GOYAL ; HOWLETT MICHAEL PATRICK ; ARAZ TAEIHAGH 
72005When difference becomes an instrument of social regulationBeng-Huat, C. 
828-Dec-2017What Money Can't Buy: The Security Externalities of Chinese Economic Statecraft in Post-War Sri LankaRohan Mukherjee 
926-Apr-2019What Kind of Responsibility Do We Have for Fighting Injustice? A Moral-Theoretic Perspective on the Social Connections ModelRobin Zheng 
103-Mar-2021Vulnerability to rumours during the COVID-19 pandemic in SingaporeVictoria JE Long; Wei Shien Koh; Young Ern Saw ; Jean Liu 
1113-Dec-2019Voter model on networks partitioned into two cliques of arbitrary sizesGastner, Michael T ; Ishida, Kota
1213-Jul-2021Utopian Rhetoric Has a Pleasure ProblemNomi Lazar 
132011Utopian logic in sarah scott's millenium hall and anthony trollope's the fixed periodNardin, J. 
142020Using Prior Expansions for Prior-Data Conflict CheckingNott, D.J. ; Seah, M.; Al-Labadi, L.; Evans, M.; Khoon Ng, H. ; Berthold-Georg, E. 
1516-Sep-2019Urban custodians and hospitable citizens: citizenship and social actions at two liberal arts universities in Hong Kong and ShanghaiCHENG YI'EN ; JANE MARGARET JACOBS 
162019Unbiased Profiling of Isogenic Huntington Disease hPSC-Derived CNS and Peripheral Cells Reveals Strong Cell-Type Specificity of CAG Length EffectsOoi, J.; Langley, S.R. ; Xu, X.; Utami, K.H.; Sim, B.; Huang, Y.; Harmston, N.P. ; Tay, Y.L.; Ziaei, A.; Zeng, R.; Low, D.; Aminkeng, F.; Sobota, R.M.; Ginhoux, F.; Petretto, E.; Pouladi, M.A. 
172017Tuning magnetoresistance in molybdenum disulphide and graphene using a molecular spin transitionDatta S. ; Cai Y.; Yudhistira I. ; Zeng Z. ; Zhang Y.-W. ; Zhang H.; Adam S. ; Wu J. ; Loh K.P. 
1818-Feb-2021Tunable van Hove singularities and correlated states in twisted monolayer-bilayer grapheneXu, Shuigang; Al Ezzi, Mohammed M; Balakrishnan, Nilanthy; Garcia-Ruiz, Aitor; Tsim, Bonnie; Mullan, Ciaran; Barrier, Julien; Xin, Na; Piot, Benjamin A; Taniguchi, Takashi; Watanabe, Kenji; Carvalho, Alexandra ; Mishchenko, Artem; Geim, AK; Fal'ko, Vladimir I; Adam, Shaffique ; Neto, Antonio Helio Castro ; Novoselov, Kostya S; Shi, Yanmeng
192008Tropics, city and cinema: Introduction to the special issue on cinematic representation of the tropical urban/cityChua, B.H. 
202019Tropical carbon sink accelerated by symbiotic dinitrogen fixationLevy-Varon, J.H.; Batterman, S.A.; Medvigy, D.; Xu, X.; Hall, J.S.; van Breugel, M. ; Hedin, L.O.