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Title: Synthesis and polymerization of surface-active sodium acrylamidoundecanoate
Authors: Yeoh, K.W.
Chew, C.H. 
Gan, L.M. 
Koh, L.L. 
Teo, H.H.
Issue Date: Apr-1989
Citation: Yeoh, K.W.,Chew, C.H.,Gan, L.M.,Koh, L.L.,Teo, H.H. (1989-04). Synthesis and polymerization of surface-active sodium acrylamidoundecanoate. Journal of macromolecular science. Chemistry A26 (4) : 663-680. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The polymerizable surfactant sodium 11-acrylamidoundecanoate (Na 11-AAU) was synthesized from acryloyl chloride and 11-aminoundecanoic acid. It had a low critical micelle concentration (CMC) of 4.3 × 10-4 mol/L. Polymerization of Na 11-AAU initiated by K2S2O8 was very fast in aqueous solution, with an activation energy of only 63.2 kJ/mol. The polymerization followed first-order kinetics with respect to Na 11-AAU and one-half order with respect to K2S2O8. The MW of poly(Na 11-AAU) was very high (1-2 million) but the MWD was rather narrow (M̄w/M̄n = 1.45). Polymerization of Na 11-AAU in the micellar state may be responsible for the phenomena observed.
Source Title: Journal of macromolecular science. Chemistry
ISSN: 0022233X
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