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Title: Oxygen coadsorption and reaction with potassium on MgO thin films grown on Ru(001)
Authors: Huang, H.H. 
Jiang, X.
Siew, H.L.
Chin, W.S. 
Xu, G.Q. 
Keywords: Magnesium oxide
Metallic films
Oxide thin films
Thermal desorption spectroscopy
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Issue Date: 27-Nov-1998
Citation: Huang, H.H.,Jiang, X.,Siew, H.L.,Chin, W.S.,Xu, G.Q. (1998-11-27). Oxygen coadsorption and reaction with potassium on MgO thin films grown on Ru(001). Surface Science 418 (1) : 320-328. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The adsorption of potassium on MgO thin films supported on Ru(001) has been studied using TDS and XPS. The interaction of K atoms with defect sites in MgO films at low K coverages is evidenced by K desorption at a constant temperature of 335 K and a K 2p3/2 binding energy (BE) of 293.5 eV within θK≤1 ML. Upon oxygen adsorption on K submonolayer-covered MgO, a molecular oxygen species desorbing at 390 K is characterized with an O 1s BE of 533.7 eV, demonstrated further in isotope exchange experiments. This molecular oxygen species gradually diminishes with increasing θK. The formation of K2O at θK≥1 ML is demonstrated by the O 1s peak at 528.0 eV, together with its thermal desorption at 600 K. A strongly bonded K-O complex evidenced by coincident K and O2 desorption at 800-1000 K exists at all θKs studied. © 1998 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Source Title: Surface Science
ISSN: 00396028
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