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Title: Linear Bronsted-type behavior in the aminolysis of substituted naphthyl acetates
Authors: Rajarathnam, D. 
Ananthakrishna Nadar, P.
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Rajarathnam, D.,Ananthakrishna Nadar, P. (2001). Linear Bronsted-type behavior in the aminolysis of substituted naphthyl acetates. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 33 (3) : 157-164. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.;2-Y
Abstract: The reactions of 4-acetyl-1-naphthyl acetate (1) and 6-acetyl-2-naphthyl acetate (2) with a series of amines of varying pKa, viz. morpholine, ammonia, ethanolamine, glycine, n-butylamine, piperidine, hydrazine, imidazole, and hydroxylamine, are subjected to a kinetic investigation in aqueous medium, 30 °C, ionic strength 0.1 M (KCl). Pseudo-first-order rate coefficients (kobs) are found under amine excess. The plots of (kobs-kH) against free amine concentration are linear at constant pH. The macroscopic nucleophilic substitution rate coefficients (kN) are obtained as the slopes of these plots and found to be pH-independent for all the amines employed. The Bronsted-type plots obtained (log kN against amine pKa) for the aminolysis of both esters 1 and 2 are linear with slope values of β = 0.74 and β = 0.94, respectively. From these values, the kinetic law and the analysis of products, it is deduced that for both esters aminolysis proceed through a zwitterionic tetrahedral addition intermediate (T±) whereby its dissociation into products is rate-limiting (k2 step). Comparison of kN values among them shows that both esters follow an identical mechanistic pathway with 1 having higher reactivity than 2, the reasons for which are discussed.
Source Title: International Journal of Chemical Kinetics
ISSN: 05388066
DOI: 10.1002/1097-4601(200103)33:33.0.CO;2-Y
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