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Title: Graphene-like MoS2/amorphous carbon composites with high capacity and excellent stability as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Authors: Chang, K.
Chen, W.
Ma, L.
Li, H.
Li, H.
Huang, F.
Xu, Z.
Zhang, Q. 
Lee, J.-Y. 
Issue Date: 7-May-2011
Citation: Chang, K., Chen, W., Ma, L., Li, H., Li, H., Huang, F., Xu, Z., Zhang, Q., Lee, J.-Y. (2011-05-07). Graphene-like MoS2/amorphous carbon composites with high capacity and excellent stability as anode materials for lithium ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (17) : 6251-6257. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: A facile process to synthesize graphene-like MoS2/amorphous carbon (a-C) composites was developed. MoS2/C composites were firstly prepared by hydrothermal method employing sodium molybdate, sulfocarbamide and glucose as starting materials. The graphene-like MoS2/a-C composites were obtained after annealing at 800 °C in H2/N2. The samples were characterized by XRD, SEM, EDS and HRTEM. It was confirmed that in the composites MoS2 has a structure of single-layer, which is named graphene-like nanostructure. The graphene-like MoS2 nanosheets were uniformly dispersed in amorphous carbon. The interlaminar distance of the adjacent graphene-like MoS2 nanosheets in the composites measured was ∼1.0 nm. The mechanism of the formation of the graphene-like MoS 2/a-C composites was investigated. The graphene-like MoS 2/a-C composites exhibited high capacity and excellent cyclic stability used as anode materials for Li-ion batteries. The composite prepared by adding 1.0 g of glucose in hydrothermal solution exhibited the highest reversible capacity (962 mAh g-1) and excellent cyclic stability. After 100 cycles, it still retained 912 mAh g-1. The significant improvements in the electrochemical properties of the graphene-like MoS 2/a-C composites could be attributed to the graphene-like structure of the MoS2 nanosheets and the synergistic effects of graphene-like MoS2 and amorphous carbon. © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
Source Title: Journal of Materials Chemistry
ISSN: 09599428
DOI: 10.1039/c1jm10174a
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