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Title: Further results on the bit error probabilities of MDPSK over the nonselective Rayleigh fading channel with diversity reception
Authors: Kam, Pooi Yuen 
Soh, Thian Ping
Ng, Chun Sum 
Issue Date: Nov-1995
Citation: Kam, Pooi Yuen,Soh, Thian Ping,Ng, Chun Sum (1995-11). Further results on the bit error probabilities of MDPSK over the nonselective Rayleigh fading channel with diversity reception. IEEE Transactions on Communications 43 (11) : 2732-2741. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This paper presents a fundamental approach for deriving the bit error probability of BDPSK and QDPSK over the nonselective Rayleigh fading channel for a receiver with an arbitrary IF filter, and for a fading process with an arbitrary Doppler spectrum with arbitrary Doppler bandwidth. The results generalize those published earlier which were restricted to matched filter reception and to a fading process with a small Doppler bandwidth compared to the symbol rate. This allows the error probability to be studied in the presence of varying degrees of ISI due to bandlimitation of the received signal by the IF filter, and in the presence of fading fluctuations of various rates. The analytical approach here is simple, and yet powerful in that it can handle the case of diversity reception. This is a great advantage over the alternative approach of using the distribution of the differential phase of the received signal over a symbol interval. The bit error probability results apply to both conventional BDPSK and QDPSK, as well as π/2-2DPSK and π/4-4DPSK, and allow the irreducible bit error probability as well as the SNR at which this irreducible value sets in to be studied as a function of Doppler bandwidth and IF filter bandwidth. The computed results presented here are applicable to the design of digital cellular mobile communication systems.
Source Title: IEEE Transactions on Communications
ISSN: 00906778
DOI: 10.1109/26.481224
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