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Title: Erratum to A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global Workforce(J Bus Ethics, (2011), 104, (1-31), DOI 10.1007/s10551-011-0835-8)
Authors: Ralston, D.A.
Egri, C.P.
Reynaud, E.
Srinivasan, N.
Furrer, O.
Brock, D.
Alas, R.
Wangenheim, F.
Darder, F.L.
Kuo, C.
Potocan, V.
Mockaitis, A.I.
Szabo, E.
Gutiérrez, J.R.
Pekerti, A.
Butt, A.
Palmer, I.
Naoumova, I.
Lenartowicz, T.
Starkus, A.
Hung, V.T.
Dalgic, T.
Molteni, M.
de la Carranza, M.T.G.
Maignan, I.
Castro, F.B.
Moon, Y.
Terpstra-Tong, J.
Dabic, M.
Li, Y.
Danis, W.
Kangasniemi, M.
Ansari, M.
Riddle, L.
Milton, L.
Hallinger, P.
Elenkov, D.
Girson, I.
Gelbuda, M.
Ramburuth, P.
Casado, T.
Rossi, A.M.
Richards, M.
Van Deusen, C.
Fu, P.-P.
Wan, P.M.K.
Tang, M.
Lee, C.-H.
Chia, H.-B. 
Fan, Y.
Wallace, A.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Ralston, D.A., Egri, C.P., Reynaud, E., Srinivasan, N., Furrer, O., Brock, D., Alas, R., Wangenheim, F., Darder, F.L., Kuo, C., Potocan, V., Mockaitis, A.I., Szabo, E., Gutiérrez, J.R., Pekerti, A., Butt, A., Palmer, I., Naoumova, I., Lenartowicz, T., Starkus, A., Hung, V.T., Dalgic, T., Molteni, M., de la Carranza, M.T.G., Maignan, I., Castro, F.B., Moon, Y., Terpstra-Tong, J., Dabic, M., Li, Y., Danis, W., Kangasniemi, M., Ansari, M., Riddle, L., Milton, L., Hallinger, P., Elenkov, D., Girson, I., Gelbuda, M., Ramburuth, P., Casado, T., Rossi, A.M., Richards, M., Van Deusen, C., Fu, P.-P., Wan, P.M.K., Tang, M., Lee, C.-H., Chia, H.-B., Fan, Y., Wallace, A. (2011). Erratum to A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global Workforce(J Bus Ethics, (2011), 104, (1-31), DOI 10.1007/s10551-011-0835-8). Journal of Business Ethics 104 (4) : 589-590. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: Journal of Business Ethics
ISSN: 01674544
DOI: 10.1007/s10551-011-1106-4
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