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Title: Compensating effects of GSS on group performance
Authors: Huang, W.
Wei, K.-K. 
Tan, B.C.Y. 
Keywords: Group decision outcomes
Group decision process
Group support system
Task type
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Huang, W.,Wei, K.-K.,Tan, B.C.Y. (1999). Compensating effects of GSS on group performance. Information and Management 35 (4) : 195-202. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: A GSS often fails to aid in providing group consensus and user satisfaction. To understand the reasons behind this lack of impact, we investigated the issue from an influence-process perspective. The independent variables manipulated were support (GSS vs. face-to-face) and task type (intellective vs. preference). The dependent variables measured were three process variables (informational influence, normative influence, and influence distribution) and three outcome variables (group consensus, decision satisfaction, and decision process satisfaction). The findings suggest that the lack of impact of GSS on decision-making groups may be due to their compensating effects. With the preference task, the use of GSS led to a more even influence distribution; this should improve group decision outcomes. But the use of GSS was also found to attenuate normative influence; this should negatively affect group decision outcomes. For an intellective task, the use of GSS resulted in an uneven distribution of influence; this should negatively affect group decision outcomes. But the use of GSS also amplified informational influence; this should enhance group decision outcomes. Collectively, such compensating effects of a GSS may explain why a lack of GSS impact on group decision outcomes has been observed in many studies.
Source Title: Information and Management
ISSN: 03787206
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