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Title: Mapping human genetic diversity in Asia
Authors: Abdulla, M.A.
Edo, J.
Jinam, T.A.
Phipps, M.E.
Ahmed, I.
Brahmachari, S.K.
Chaurasia, A.
Jha, P.
Mukerji, M.
Scaria, V.
Sinha, A.
Assawamakin, A.
Fuchareon, S.
Kulawonganunchai, S.
Ngamphiw, C.
Tongsima, S.
Bhak, J.
Ghang, H.
Kim, W.-Y.
Lee, S.
Oh, S.
Yang, J.O.
Yoo, H.-S.
Calacal, G.C.
De, Ungria M.C.A.
Delfin, F.C.
Perdigon, H.B.
Salvador, J.M.
Tabbada, K.A.
Villamor, L.P.
Chen, C.-H.
Chen, Y.-T.
Ho, S.-F.
Wu, J.-Y.
Chen, J.
Kumar, V.
Liu, E.T.
Ong, R.
Png, E.
Seielstad, M.
Tan, A.
Chu, J.
Cutiongco-de, La Paz E.M.C.
Padilla, C.D.
Gojobori, T.
Koike, T.
Suzuki, Y.
Han, J.
Xiao, H.
Hoh, B.P.
Sidek, M.R.
Zilfalil, B.A.
Huang, W.
Wang, Y.
Wang, H.
Yuan, W.
Zhao, G.
Inoko, H.
Oka, A.
Jin, L.
Jung, J.
Kim, H.-L.
Kim, K.
Lee, J.-Y.
Oh, B.
Kangwanpong, D.
Kampuansai, J.
Srikummool, M.
Kennedy, G.C.
Wang, E.
Khurana, P.
Mandapati, K.K.
Kim, S.
Kimm, K.
Kimura, R.
Nishida, N.
Ohashi, J.
Tokunaga, K.
Lai, P.S. 
Majumder, P.P.
Marzuki, S.
Sandraling, Y.
Sudoyo, H.
Suryadi, H.
Mitchell, W.
Naritomi, K.
Palittapongarnpim, P.
Sakaki, Y.
Sugano, S.
Jin, L.
Xu, S.
Shugart, Y.Y.
Niikawa, N.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Abdulla, M.A., Edo, J., Jinam, T.A., Phipps, M.E., Ahmed, I., Brahmachari, S.K., Chaurasia, A., Jha, P., Mukerji, M., Scaria, V., Sinha, A., Assawamakin, A., Fuchareon, S., Kulawonganunchai, S., Ngamphiw, C., Tongsima, S., Bhak, J., Ghang, H., Kim, W.-Y., Lee, S., Oh, S., Yang, J.O., Yoo, H.-S., Calacal, G.C., De, Ungria M.C.A., Delfin, F.C., Perdigon, H.B., Salvador, J.M., Tabbada, K.A., Villamor, L.P., Chen, C.-H., Chen, Y.-T., Ho, S.-F., Wu, J.-Y., Chen, J., Kumar, V., Liu, E.T., Ong, R., Png, E., Seielstad, M., Tan, A., Chu, J., Cutiongco-de, La Paz E.M.C., Padilla, C.D., Gojobori, T., Koike, T., Suzuki, Y., Han, J., Xiao, H., Hoh, B.P., Sidek, M.R., Zilfalil, B.A., Huang, W., Wang, Y., Wang, H., Yuan, W., Zhao, G., Inoko, H., Oka, A., Jin, L., Jung, J., Kim, H.-L., Kim, K., Lee, J.-Y., Oh, B., Kangwanpong, D., Kampuansai, J., Srikummool, M., Kennedy, G.C., Wang, E., Khurana, P., Mandapati, K.K., Kim, S., Kimm, K., Kimura, R., Nishida, N., Ohashi, J., Tokunaga, K., Lai, P.S., Majumder, P.P., Marzuki, S., Sandraling, Y., Sudoyo, H., Suryadi, H., Mitchell, W., Naritomi, K., Palittapongarnpim, P., Sakaki, Y., Sugano, S., Jin, L., Xu, S., Shugart, Y.Y., Niikawa, N. (2009). Mapping human genetic diversity in Asia. Science 326 (5959) : 1541-1545. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: Science
ISSN: 00368075
DOI: 10.1126/science.1177074
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