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Title: The Muslim Democrat: National Identity in Indonesia in 2010
Authors: Cheryl Cosslett
Risa Toha
Keywords: Muslim
The New Order
The Netherlands
Strong, but developing economy
International communities
Religious, but unspecified
Communism, PKI
The Old Order
Anti-poor, exploitative, elite rule
Prone to conflict
Democratic transition
Environmental degradation
Clean and reliable government
Inadequate state capacity
Muslim Kejawen
Weak economy
The United States of America
Israel, "the Jews"
Discriminative to minorities
Ethnic Chinese-Indonesian
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: National University of Singapore
Citation: Cheryl Cosslett, Risa Toha (2019). The Muslim Democrat: National Identity in Indonesia in 2010 : 1-30. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The dominant discourses in Indonesia in 2010 were religious (specifically Muslim) and governance. As one of the most populous Muslim-majority countries in the world, and a newly consolidated democracy after 32 years of authoritarian rule that ended in 1998, Indonesia’s Muslim and democratic identity feature prominently in its elite and mass texts alike. The specific blend of the country’s Muslim discourse is comprised of greater adherence to Islamic teachings, which our texts suggest imply a faithful application of the Quran along with a modern, successful, educated, and social justice-oriented outlook. The country’s governance discourse revolves around the aspiration for a better government, and subsumes three smaller sub-discourses: a recognition that the government is corrupt, incapable and exploitative of the poor and the corollary aspiration for a clean, reliable, and pro-poor government; a celebration of the country’s consolidation of democracy even amidst a consensual recognition that democracy has been coupled with the rise of divisive identity politics; and a desire for continued international engagement on its own terms.
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