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Keywords: Schlumberger Limited
oilfield service
oil and gas
cement mixer/blender
wireless storage drive
ATEX zone II certification
Safety and Compliance requirements
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: It has been a beneficial experience for me to work for Schlumberger PPC-Singapore Center for this 6-month industrial attachment. Doing the industrial attachment internship in the role of a sustaining engineer at the Sustaining Department has provided me with the chance to apply academic background knowledge acquired throughout the undergraduate and master study to solve real industrial issues which I have yet to encounter before. I have had great opportunity not only to analyze various technical aspects but also to apply problem solving skills and importantly, the adaptive ability cultivated during the recent Masters program at MIT and NUS. During this internship at Schlumberger, I have had a good chance to get exposed to many facets of the oilfield service industry from: health, safety, IT securities and commercial compliance to: engineering document management systems (e.g. GeMS); from: weekly project team meetings and daily discussions to: technical research on electrical circuit of machine units and material property of components; and to: hands-on investigation of real manufactured units, the SBS614, CMP751 and mainly the CBS967. Discussing and exchanging ideas with other colleagues from other departments of Supply Chain or Manufacturing and contacting with various suppliers, vendors worldwide to find solution for assigned projects are also the indispensible part of the internship. Mainly, my internship can be categorized into 3 main parts: The Modularization Project: based on customer specification, separate modularized parts of the batch mixer machine (CBS) can be picked up to assemble similar units. The criteria for modularization are working voltage (440V or 690 V), functional properties (remote controlled or not remote controlled) and volumetric cement capacity. Technical knowledge has been acquired regarding understanding of electrical circuitry and logic with various components, motors and sensors; 3-phase system analysis. Modules have been designed and categorized for different usage according to these 3 criteria. Relevant part numbers have been created or revised into Schlumberger Engineering database system (GeMS). Complete reorganizing the main circuitry for the unit starter panel and drafting work in AutoCAD have been done. 2 The Innovation Project: There is a need for each machine unit working in oilfields has its own data storage to store specification documents associated with it so that an operator can easily refer to during operation. A possible solution to this has been come up with, in which a commercialized innovative USB device has been found in the market to be integrated inside the unit. The device can communicate wireless with a laptop/PC which is placed outside the ATEX zone II area. The integration has been carried out by self initiated design and ideas along with contacting with companies who have expertise in anti-explosion safety technologies. The Safety and Compliance Training: Throughout the internship, extensive trainings on safety and compliance has been gone through since safety is considered most important in oil and gas industry especially when working in oilfields and industrial compliance is compulsory in the global market. The Shipyard Safety certificate has been acquired. Compliance training session series on RoHS (restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment), WEEE and CE Making have been completed. Other HSE (health, safety and environment) awareness session has been gone though.
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