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Title: Novel selective emitter process using non-acidic etch-back for inline-diffused silicon wafer solar cells
Authors: Basu, P.K. 
Cunnusamy, J.
Sarangi, D. 
Boreland, M.B. 
Keywords: Industrial monocrystalline silicon solar cell
Inline diffusion
Screen printed cells
Selective emitter
SERIS etch
SERIS SE process
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Citation: Basu, P.K., Cunnusamy, J., Sarangi, D., Boreland, M.B. (2014-06). Novel selective emitter process using non-acidic etch-back for inline-diffused silicon wafer solar cells. Renewable Energy 66 : 69-77. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In this work, a novel etch-back approach for the fabrication of a selective emitter (SE) structure is reported for inline-diffused p-type monocrystalline silicon wafer solar cells. The complete SE process, named the 'SERIS SE' process, involves screen printing of an etch mask, use of a HF-free etch-back solution and screen-printed metallisation. Both the emitter etch-back and etch-mask dissolution are performed simultaneously in a single processing step, thereby reducing the number of processing steps as compared to other etch-back based SE technologies. For inline-diffused emitter (ILDE) solar cells, the 'SERIS SE' process actually requires only one additional processing step, as an emitter etch-back is typically applied to remove the detrimental top layer. An average cell efficiency gain of 0.4% (absolute) is reported for the SE cells fabricated using the single-step SERIS SE process, as compared to etch-back homogeneous-emitter (HE) solar cells. An average batch efficiency of 18.5% is achieved for screen-printed p-type 156mm pseudo-square Cz mono-Si full-area aluminium back surface field (Al-BSF) SE solar cells. The minimal increase in the number of processing steps, reliance on the robust screen printing process, HF-free non-acidic chemical etch-back and applicability to both tube and inline-diffused emitters make the 'SERIS SE' process suitable for industrial application on both mono- and multicrystalline silicon wafers. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.
Source Title: Renewable Energy
ISSN: 09601481
DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2013.11.062
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