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Title: Identification of regulators of polyploidization presents therapeutic targets for treatment of AMKL
Authors: Wen, Q.
Goldenson, B.
Silver, S.J.
Schenone, M.
Dancik, V.
Huang, Z.
Wang, L.-Z. 
Lewis, T.A.
An, W.F.
Li, X.
Bray, M.-A.
Thiollier, C.
Diebold, L.
Gilles, L.
Vokes, M.S.
Moore, C.B.
Bliss-Moreau, M.
Verplank, L.
Tolliday, N.J.
Mishra, R.
Vemula, S.
Shi, J.
Wei, L.
Kapur, R.
Lopez, C.K.
Gerby, B.
Ballerini, P.
Pflumio, F.
Gilliland, D.G.
Goldberg, L.
Birger, Y.
Izraeli, S.
Gamis, A.S.
Smith, F.O.
Woods, W.G.
Taub, J.
Scherer, C.A.
Bradner, J.E.
Goh, B.-C.
Mercher, T.
Carpenter, A.E.
Gould, R.J.
Clemons, P.A.
Carr, S.A.
Root, D.E.
Schreiber, S.L.
Stern, A.M.
Crispino, J.D.
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2012
Citation: Wen, Q., Goldenson, B., Silver, S.J., Schenone, M., Dancik, V., Huang, Z., Wang, L.-Z., Lewis, T.A., An, W.F., Li, X., Bray, M.-A., Thiollier, C., Diebold, L., Gilles, L., Vokes, M.S., Moore, C.B., Bliss-Moreau, M., Verplank, L., Tolliday, N.J., Mishra, R., Vemula, S., Shi, J., Wei, L., Kapur, R., Lopez, C.K., Gerby, B., Ballerini, P., Pflumio, F., Gilliland, D.G., Goldberg, L., Birger, Y., Izraeli, S., Gamis, A.S., Smith, F.O., Woods, W.G., Taub, J., Scherer, C.A., Bradner, J.E., Goh, B.-C., Mercher, T., Carpenter, A.E., Gould, R.J., Clemons, P.A., Carr, S.A., Root, D.E., Schreiber, S.L., Stern, A.M., Crispino, J.D. (2012-08-03). Identification of regulators of polyploidization presents therapeutic targets for treatment of AMKL. Cell 150 (3) : 575-589. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The mechanism by which cells decide to skip mitosis to become polyploid is largely undefined. Here we used a high-content image-based screen to identify small-molecule probes that induce polyploidization of megakaryocytic leukemia cells and serve as perturbagens to help understand this process. Our study implicates five networks of kinases that regulate the switch to polyploidy. Moreover, we find that dimethylfasudil (diMF, H-1152P) selectively increased polyploidization, mature cell-surface marker expression, and apoptosis of malignant megakaryocytes. An integrated target identification approach employing proteomic and shRNA screening revealed that a major target of diMF is Aurora kinase A (AURKA). We further find that MLN8237 (Alisertib), a selective inhibitor of AURKA, induced polyploidization and expression of mature megakaryocyte markers in acute megakaryocytic leukemia (AMKL) blasts and displayed potent anti-AMKL activity in vivo. Our findings provide a rationale to support clinical trials of MLN8237 and other inducers of polyploidization and differentiation in AMKL. © 2012 Elsevier Inc.
Source Title: Cell
ISSN: 00928674
DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2012.06.032
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