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Title: The mammalian brain rsec6/8 complex
Authors: Hsu, S.-C.
Ting, A.E. 
Hazuka, C.D.
Davanger, S.
Kenny, J.W.
Kee, Y.
Scheller, R.H.
Issue Date: Dec-1996
Citation: Hsu, S.-C., Ting, A.E., Hazuka, C.D., Davanger, S., Kenny, J.W., Kee, Y., Scheller, R.H. (1996-12). The mammalian brain rsec6/8 complex. Neuron 17 (6) : 1209-1219. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: rsec6 and rsec8 are two components of a 17S complex in mammalian brain that is homologous to the yeast 834 kDa Sec6/8/15 complex which is essential for exocytosis. Purification and partial amino acid sequencing of the mammalian rsec6/8 complex reveals that it is composed of eight novel proteins with a combined molecular weight of 743 kDa. The complex is broadly expressed in brain and displays a plasma membrane localization in nerve terminals. Membrane associated rsec6/8 complex coimmunoprecipitates with syntaxin, a plasma membrane protein critical for neurotransmission. These data suggest a role for the mammalian rsec6/8 complex in neurotransmitter release via interactions with the core vesicle docking and fusion apparatus.
Source Title: Neuron
ISSN: 08966273
DOI: 10.1016/S0896-6273(00)80251-2
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