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Title: Analysis of early growth of guppy strains, Poecilia reticulata, with different color patterns
Authors: Phang, V.P.E. 
Doyle, R.W.
Keywords: Color genes
Guppy strains
Poecilia reticulata
Issue Date: May-1989
Citation: Phang, V.P.E., Doyle, R.W. (1989-05). Analysis of early growth of guppy strains, Poecilia reticulata, with different color patterns. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 77 (5) : 645-650. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The guppy, Poecilia reticulata, is economically the most important species of freshwater ornamental fish cultured in Singapore. About 30 strains with different color patterns and fin shapes are reared in guppy farms practising monoculture in Singapore. To compare the growth rates of domesticated strains with different color patterns, newborn fry of 11 strains were obtained on the same day from a single farm in Singapore and were reared experimentally in the laboratory for about 100 days. Each strain was distributed randomly into 4 tanks with 30 fish/tank. Weekly weighings of 10 fish/tank were made from 17 to 100 days of age. Three strains were homozygous for the autosomal recessive blond gene which gives rise to a pale yellow background pigmentation (bb). These blond strains had significantly smaller body weights than corresponding ones with the same color pattern but with the wild-type grey-brown background coloration due to the dominant allele (BB). The strains with the red tail pattern due to a dominant X-linked gene (Rdt) had more rapid growth than those with other tail color patterns including the blue, black, green snakeskin and variegated. However, no significant differences were detected among the other color pattern strains. Thus among the strains studied, the blond strains were associated with slower growth while those with the red tail color were associated with faster growth. © 1989 Springer-Verlag.
Source Title: Theoretical and Applied Genetics
ISSN: 00405752
DOI: 10.1007/BF00261237
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