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dc.titleGlyptothorax rugimentum, a new species of catfish from Myanmar and western Thailand (Teleostei: Sisoridae)
dc.contributor.authorNg, H.H.
dc.contributor.authorKottelat, M.
dc.identifier.citationNg, H.H.,Kottelat, M. (2008-02-29). Glyptothorax rugimentum, a new species of catfish from Myanmar and western Thailand (Teleostei: Sisoridae). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 56 (1) : 129-134. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractGlyptothorax rugimentum, a new species of sisorid catfish from the Ataran, Salween and Sittang River drainages in Myanmar and western Thailand is described here. It can be distinguished from all congeners in having a unique combination of the following characters: unculiferous ridges of thoracic adhesive apparatus extending anteriorly onto gular region, thoracic adhesive apparatus in rhomboidal, somewhat U-shaped field, head width 19.1-22.6% SL, eye diameter 8.4-11.6% HL, nasal barbels not reaching anterior orbital margin (length 24.5-37.1% HL), pelvic-fin origin at vertical through base of last dorsal-fin ray, steeply-sloping posterior margin of adipose fin, and presence of light and dark vertical bands on the caudal peduncle. Glyptothorax burmanicus is revalidated from synonymy with G. cavia and the use of thoracic adhesive apparatus morphology as a diagnostic character for species of Glyptothorax is briefly discussed. © National University of Singapore.
dc.subjectGlyptothorax rugimentum
dc.subjectNew species
dc.subjectWestern Thailand
dc.contributor.departmentBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
dc.description.sourcetitleRaffles Bulletin of Zoology
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