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dc.titleEffects of mercuric chloride and sodium selenite on some immune responses of blue gourami, Trichogaster trichopterus (Pallus)
dc.contributor.authorLow, K.W.
dc.contributor.authorSin, Y.M.
dc.identifier.citationLow, K.W., Sin, Y.M. (1998-06-18). Effects of mercuric chloride and sodium selenite on some immune responses of blue gourami, Trichogaster trichopterus (Pallus). Science of the Total Environment 214 (1-3) : 153-164. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractThe immunotoxicological effects of mercuric chloride and sodium selenite on blue gourami were studied. Some immune responses ranging from non-specific to specific were investigated. These include tissue lysozyme activity, kidney lymphocyte proliferation and plasma agglutinating antibody titre against bacteria. After 2 weeks of chronic exposure, 0.09 mg/l of Hg2+ alone induced a significant increase of kidney lysozyme activity of 4196.3 ± 1171.0 U/g, but it decreased to 1577.4 ± 902.4 U/g when exposed simultaneously to equiconcentration of selenium. Plasma lysozyme activity was also increased by co-administration of Hg2+ and SeO3/2-. The level of plasma agglutinating antibody against Aeromonas hydrophila L37 was lowered in the chemical-treated fish. This indicates that the fish immunity was impaired by action of mercury and selenium. However, the in vitro lymphocyte proliferation test shows that mercury concentration lower than 0.045 mg/l Hg2+ enhanced the mitotic rate of kidney lymphocytes by approximately 30%. A high concentration of mercury caused irreversible damaging effects on con A-induced lymphoblastogenesis. In contrast, the inhibitory effect of low concentrations of mercury could be removed by washing. On the other hand, selenium showed a suppressire effect on the lymphocyte proliferation even at 0.5 rag/l.
dc.subjectBlue gourami
dc.subjectMercuric chloride
dc.subjectSodium selenite
dc.contributor.departmentBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
dc.description.sourcetitleScience of the Total Environment
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