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Title: DOH1, a class 1 knox gene, is required for maintenance of the basic plant architecture and floral transition in orchid
Authors: Yu, H. 
Shu Hua Yang
Chong Jin Goh 
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Yu, H., Shu Hua Yang, Chong Jin Goh (2000). DOH1, a class 1 knox gene, is required for maintenance of the basic plant architecture and floral transition in orchid. Plant Cell 12 (11) : 2143-2159. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We report here the isolation and identification of an orchid homeobox gene, DOH1, from Dendrobium Madame Thong-In. Analyses of its sequence and genomic organization suggest that DOH1 may be the only class 1 knox gene in the genome. DOH1 mRNA accumulates in meristem-rich tissues, and its expression is greatly downregulated during floral transition. In situ hybridization analysis demonstrates that DOH1 is also expressed in the incipient leaf primordia and is later detected in the same region of the inflorescence apex, as in DOMADS1. Overexpression of DOH1 in orchid plants completely suppresses shoot organization and development. Transgenic orchid plants expressing antisense mRNA for DOH1 show multiple shoot apical meristem (SAM) formations and early flowering. In addition, both the sense and antisense transformants exhibit defects in leaf development. These findings suggest that DOH1 plays a key role in maintaining the basic plant architecture of orchid through control of the formation and development of the SAM and shoot structure. Investigations of DOMADS1 expression in the SAM during floral transition reveal that the precocious flowering phenotype exhibited by DOH1 antisense transformants is coupled with the early onset of DOMADS1 expression. This fact, together with the reciprocal expression of DOH1 and DOMADS1 during floral transition, indicates that down-regulation of DOH1 in the SAM is required for floral transition in orchid and that DOH1 is a possible upstream regulator of DOMADS1.
Source Title: Plant Cell
ISSN: 10404651
DOI: 10.1105/tpc.12.11.2143
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