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Siew Keong Gerard Chung


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1Jun-2019A Quasi-Experimental Study of a Peer Support Group to Enhance Protective Factors for Fathers of Children in Head StartLanier, Paul; Frey, Joseph; Smith, Quinton; Chung, Gerard 
2Jun-2020A systematic review of the effectiveness of children's behavioral health interventions in psychiatric residential treatment facilitiesLanier, Paul; Jensen, Todd; Bryant, Katherine; Chung, Gerard ; Rose, Roderick; Smith, Quinton; Lackmann, Lisa
3Jan-2023Associations between Work-Family Balance, Parenting Stress, and Marital Conflicts during COVID-19 Pandemic in SingaporeChung, Gerard Siew Keong ; Chan, Xi Wen; Lanier, Paul; Wong, Peace Yuh Ju
42022Demographic, Economic, and Geographic Factors Associated with Uptake of the Earned Income Tax CreditLanier, Paul; Afonso, Whitney; Chung, Gerard ; Bryant, Katherine; Ellis, Danny; Coffey, Alexandria; Brown-Graham, Anita; Verbiest, Sarah
5Jun-2021Effectiveness of Intensive Alternative Family Treatment on Reducing Re-Admissions to Psychiatric Residential Treatment FacilitiesRose, Roderick A; Chung, Gerard ; Lanier, Paul J
6Jan-2023Effects of Youth Educational Aspirations on Academic Outcomes and Racial Differences: A Propensity Score Matching ApproachChung, Gerard ; Kainz, Kirsten; Eisensmith, Sarah Rabiner; Lanier, Paul
7Jul-2021Identifying treatment moderators of a trauma-informed parenting intervention with children in foster care: Using model-based recursive partitioningChung, Gerard ; Ansong, David; Brevard, Kanisha C; Chen, Ding-Geng
8Nov-2021Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Parenting and Children's Externalizing Behaviors: Transactional Processes Over TimeChung, Gerard ; Jensen, Todd M; Parisi, Anna; Macy, Rebecca J; Lanier, Paul
9Jul-2022Mediating Effects of Parental Stress on Harsh Parenting and Parent-Child Relationship during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in SingaporeChung, Gerard ; Lanier, Paul; Wong, Peace Yuh Ju
10Jun-2019Multistressed families in Singapore: A focus on transnational familiesChiu, Marcus YL ; Ghoh, Corinne ; Chung, Gerard ; Choi, Kwok P 
11Jun-2020Parental Involvement and Adolescents' Academic Achievement: Latent Profiles of Mother and Father Warmth as a Moderating InfluenceChung, Gerard ; Phillips, Jonathan; Jensen, Todd M; Lanier, Paul
1214-Feb-2022Text-mining open-ended survey responses using structural topic modeling: A practical demonstration to understand parents' coping methods during the COVID-19 pandemic in SingaporeGerard Chung ; Maria Rodriguez; Paul Lanier; Daniel Gibbs
13May-2022What predicts mothers' use of spanking in the first 6 years of early childhood? A latent growth curve analysisChung, Gerard ; Lanier, Paul; Chen, Ding-Geng