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Rosemary Therese Overell
(not current staff)
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Affective Intensities in Extreme Music ScenesOverell, Rosemary 
22015Boots Riley on music / media / politics for the 21st century.Overell, Rosemary Therese 
32015Editorial, Special Issue: music/media/politicsOverell, Rosemary ; Wilson, Oli
419-Aug-2022Flayed Bodies and the Re-turn of the Flesh: Foucault and Contemporary Gendered BodiesOverell, Rosemary Therese ; Adams, Taylor
52019‘“I think Sydney’s pretty shit”: Melbourne Grindcore Fans and Their Others’Overell, Rosemary Therese 
62014Intermediality and interventions: Applying intermediality frameworks to reality television and microblogs.Overell, Rosemary Therese 
72016Mediating the RealKavka, Misha; Overell, Rosemary 
823-Oct-2019More than a hashtag: Excitement, Anguish and the Semblant of #MeTooOverell, Rosemary Therese 
91-Jan-2018Orienting feminism: Media, activism and cultural representationDale, C; Overell, R 
101-Jan-2019Post-truth and the mediation of reality: New conjuncturesOverell, R ; Nicholls, B
1130-Jul-2018Review: Beth Caird: What Should I Do Now With My Hands? (Blue Oyster art project space)Overell, Rosemary Therese 
1228-Jun-2018Review: Jay Hutchinson: Two Cups And A Jimmy’s Mince Pie Wrapper (Blue Oyster art project space)Overell, Rosemary Therese 
1327-Jun-2022Review: Louise Menzies: In An Orange My Mother Was EatingOverell, Rosemary Therese 
1429-Nov-2019Review: Marie Shannon: Rooms Found Only In The Home (Christchurch Art Gallery)Overell, Rosemary Therese 
1531-Jan-2019‘Scooting Through Toy Town’Overell, Rosemary Therese 
1629-Nov-2022Seeing Things: A Review of Simon Denny at Michael LettOverell, Rosemary Therese 
172021The Anxiety of #MeToo: A Response to Jean-Claude Milner.Zeiher, Cindy; Overell, Rosemary Therese 
181-Aug-2014‘The nikkeijin underground in Japanese extreme metal’Overell, Rosemary Therese 
191-Dec-2021'Voicing the Real in Extreme Metal'Overell, Rosemary Therese