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Gregory Kevin Clancey
Clancey, G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2013Asian biopoleis: Practice, place, and lifeClancey, G. ; Graham, C. ; Bishop, R.; Fischer, M.M.J. 
210-Jan-2022Commentary on "Sources of Disaster: A Roundtable Discussion on New Epistemic Perspectives in Post-3.11 Japan"Gregory Clancey 
3Sep-2011Disasters as change agents: Three earthquakes and three JapansClancey, G. ; Chen, H.
41-May-2006Earthquake nation: The cultural politics of Japanese seismicity, 1868-1930Clancey, G. 
52013Good stress management capability is associated with lower body mass index and restful sleep in the elderlyTeraoka, S.; Hayashida, N.; Shinkawa, T.; Taira, Y.; Nagai-Sekitani, Y.; Irie, S.; Kamasaki, T.; Nakashima-Hashiguchi, K.; Yoshida, K.; Orita, M.; Morishita, M.; Clancey, G. ; Takamura, N.
6Mar-2012Intelligent Island to biopolis: Smart minds, sick bodies and millennial turns in SingaporeClancey, G. 
7Nov-2013Introduction: Asian Biopoleis-Biomedical Research in 'The Asian Century'Clancey, G. ; Chen, H.
8May-2012Japanese seismicity and the limits of predictionClancey, G. 
9Mar-2006Just TargetsBishop, R. ; Clancey, G. ; Phillips, J. 
102004Local memory and worldly narrative: The remote city in America and JapanClancey, G. 
1118-Jul-2016The Changing Character of Disaster Victimhood: Evidence from Japan’s “Great Earthquakes”Gregory Clancey 
122009The history of technology in Japan and East AsiaClancey, G. 
132006The Meiji earthquake: Nature, nation, and the ambiguities of catastropheClancey, G. 
14Mar-2012The nature of emergency: The Great Kanto Earthquake and the crisis of reason in Late Imperial JapanOrihara, M.; Clancey, G.