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126-Oct-2021Built environment profiles for Latin American urban settings: The SALURBAL studySarmiento, Olga L.; Useche, Andres F.; Rodriguez, Daniel A.; Dronova, Iryna; Guaje, Oscar; Montes, Felipe; Stankov, Ivana; Alejandra Wilches, Maria; Bilal, Usama; Wang, Xize ; Guzmán, Luis A.; Peña, Fabian; Quistberg, D. Alex; Guerra-Gomez, John A.; Diez Roux, Ana V.
22022Home-made blues: Residential crowding and mental health in Beijing, ChinaWang, Xize ; Liu, Tao
327-Sep-2021Latin American cities with higher socioeconomic status are greening from a lower baseline: Evidence from the SALURBAL projectJu, Yang; Moran, Mika; Wang, Xize ; Avila-Palencia, Ione; Cortinez-O'Ryan, Andrea; Moore, Kari; Slovic, Anne Dorothee; Sarmiento, Olga L.; Gouveia, Nelson; Caiaffa, Waleska Teixeira; Aguilar, Guilherme; Sales, Denise Marques; Pina, Maria De Fatima Rodrigues Pereira De; Coelho, Debora Moraes; Dronova, Iryna
42020Physical disorders and poor self-rated health in adults living in four latin American cities: A multilevel approachVaz, C.; Andrade, A.C.; Silva, U.; Rodríguez, D.; Wang, X. ; Moore, K.; Friche, A.A.; Diez-Roux, A.V.; Caiaffa, W.
51-Apr-2021Support for market-based and command-and-control congestion relief policies in Latin American cities: Effects of mobility, environmental health, and city-level factorsWang, Xize ; Rodríguez, D.A.; Mahendra, Anjali
6Aug-2022The roads one must walk down: Commute and depression for Beijing’s residentsWang, Xize ; Liu, Tao