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Li Rong


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
116-Mar-2021A case of convergent-gene interference in the budding yeast knockout library causing chromosome instabilityGordon, Molly R.; Zhu, Jin; Qu, Victoria; Li, Rong 
21-May-2021Colonic epithelial adaptation to EGFR-independent growth induces chromosomal instability and is accelerated by prior injuryChen, Tiane; Zeineldin, Maged; Johnson, Blake A.; Dong, Yi; Narkar, Akshay; Li, Taibo; Zhu, Jin; Li, Rong ; Larman, Tatianna C.
32020Dynamic organelle distribution initiates actin-based spindle migration in mouse oocytesDuan, X.; Li, Y.; Yi, K.; Guo, F.; Wang, H.Y.; Wu, P.-H.; Yang, J.; Mair, D.B.; Morales, E.A.; Kalab, P.; Wirtz, D.; Sun, S.X.; Li, R. 
41-Mar-2021On the role of p53 in the cellular response to aneuploidyNarkar, Akshay; Johnson, Blake A.; Bharne, Pandurang; Zhu, Jin; Padmanaban, Veena; Biswas, Debojyoti; Fraser, Andrew; Iglesias, Pablo A.; Ewald, Andrew J.; Li, Rong 
52020Single-cell morphology encodes metastatic potentialWu, P.-H.; Gilkes, D.M.; Phillip, J.M.; Narkar, A.; Cheng, T.W.-T.; Marchand, J.; Lee, M.-H.; Li, R. ; Wirtz, D.
62020Solid-phase inclusion as a mechanism for regulating unfolded proteins in the mitochondrial matrixRuan, L.; McNamara, J.T.; Zhang, X.; Chang, A.C.-C.; Zhu, J.; Dong, Y.; Sun, G.; Peterson, A.; Na, C.H.; Li, R. 
72020Symmetry breaking in hydrodynamic forces drives meiotic spindle rotation in mammalian oocytesWang, H.; Li, Y.; Yang, J.; Duan, X.; Kalab, P.; Sun, S.X.; Li, R.