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117-Mar-20213-: How Square-Pyramidal Building Blocks Self-Assemble into the Smallest Silver NanoclusterAlamer, Badriah J.; Bootharaju, Megalamane S.; Kozlov, Sergey M. ; Cao, Zhen; Shkurenko, Aleksander; Nematulloev, Saidkhodzha; Maity, Partha; Mohammed, Omar F.; Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Cavallo, Luigi; Basset, Jean-Marie; Bakr, Osman M.
21-May-2022Atomic Pd-promoted ZnZrO<inf>x</inf> solid solution catalyst for CO<inf>2</inf> hydrogenation to methanolLee, K ; Anjum, U ; Araújo, TP; Mondelli, C; He, Q ; Furukawa, S; Perez-Ramirez, J ; Kozlov, SM ; Yan, N 
324-Sep-2022Cu–Au nanoparticles produced by the aggregation of gas‐phase metal atoms for CO oxidationChepkasov, Ilya V; Baidyshev, Viktor S; Golubnichiy, Artem A; Zamulin, Ivan S; Kvashnin, Alexander G; Kozlov, Sergey M 
41-Dec-2023Diversity of platinum-sites at platinum/fullerene interface accelerates alkaline hydrogen evolutionChen, J ; Aliasgar, M ; Zamudio, FB ; Zhang, T ; Zhao, Y; Lian, X; Wen, L; Yang, H ; Sun, W; Kozlov, SM ; Chen, W ; Wang, L 
51-Dec-2023Engineering nanoscale H supply chain to accelerate methanol synthesis on ZnZrO<inf>x</inf>Lee, K ; Mendes, PCD ; Jeon, H; Song, Y; Dickieson, MP; Anjum, U ; Chen, L ; Yang, TC; Yang, CM; Choi, M; Kozlov, SM ; Yan, N 
621-Mar-2023Genesis of Active Pt/CeO2 Catalyst for Dry Reforming of Methane by Reduction and Aggregation of Isolated Platinum Atoms into ClustersDas, Sonali; Anjum, Uzma ; Lim, Kang Hui; He, Qian ; Hoffman, Adam S; Bare, Simon R; Kozlov, Sergey M ; Gates, Bruce C; Kawi, Sibudjing 
731-Dec-2023Opportunities in the design of metal@oxide core-shell nanoparticlesMendes, Paulo CD ; Song, Yizhen; Ma, Wenrui; Gani, Terry ZH ; Lim, Kang Hui; Kawi, Sibudjing ; Kozlov, Sergey M 
8Dec-2022Quantifying interactions on interfaces between metal particles and oxide supports in catalytic nanomaterialsNeyman, Konstantin M; Kozlov, Sergey M 
929-Apr-2021Stereoisomerization during Molecular PackingXu, Shidang ; Duan, Yukun ; Manghnani, Purnima; Kenry ; Chen, Chengjian ; Kozlov, Sergey M ; Liu, Bin 
1027-Jun-2023Tunable properties and composition of ZnO films supported on metal surfacesSong, Yizhen; Mendes, Paulo CD ; Kozlov, Sergey M