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121-Nov-2020A chemical map of NaSICON electrode materials for sodium-ion batteriesGILL BALTEJ SINGH ; Ziliang Wang; Sunkyu Park; Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam; Jean-Noel Chotard; Laurence Croguennec; Dany Carlier; CHEETHAM, ANTHONY KEVIN ; Christian Masquelier; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA 
219-Oct-2021A Chemical Map of Nasicon Electrode Materials for Sodium-Ion BatteriesGill, Baltej ; Wang, Ziliang; Park, Sunkyu; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Chotard, Jean-Noël; Croguennec, Laurence; Carlier, Dany; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Masquelier, Christian; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
31-Mar-2023Achieving Near-unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yields in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Antimony (III) Chlorides with the [SbCl5] GeometrySun, Chen; Deng, Zeyu ; Li, Zhiyuan; Chen, Zhongwei; Zhang, Xuanyu; Chen, Jian; Lu, Haipeng; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Chen, Rui; Mao, Lingling
44-Nov-2022Aluminum formate, Al(HCOO)3: An earth-abundant, scalable, and highly selective material for CO2 capture.Evans, Hayden A; Mullangi, Dinesh ; Deng, Zeyu ; Wang, Yuxiang; Peh, Shing Bo ; Wei, Fengxia; Wang, John ; Brown, Craig M; Zhao, Dan ; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Cheetham, Anthony K 
52016An efficient algorithm for finding the minimum energy path for cation migration in ionic materialsRong, Z; Kitchaev, D; Canepa, P ; Huang, W; Ceder, G
61-Jan-2020Chapter 4: Theoretical Modelling of Multivalent Ions in Inorganic HostsGautam, GS; Canepa, P 
729-Dec-2021Crystal Structure of Na2V2(PO4)3, an Intriguing Phase Spotted in the Na3V2(PO4)3–Na1V2(PO4)3 SystemPark, Sunkyu; Wang, Ziliang; Deng, Zeyu ; Moog, Iona; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Fauth, François; Carlier, Dany; Croguennec, Laurence; Masquelier, Christian; Chotard, Jean--Noël
81-Jul-2022Design and Characterization of Host Frameworks for Facile Magnesium TransportGao, Yirong; Mishra, Tara P; Bo, Shou-Hang; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
92019Designing interfaces in energy materials applications with first-principles calculationsButler, K.T.; Sai Gautam, G.; Canepa, P. 
103-Sep-2021Devil is in the Defects: Electronic Conductivity in Solid ElectrolytesGorai, Prashun; Famprikis, Theodosios; GILL BALTEJ SINGH ; Stevanović, Vladan; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA 
1122-Jun-2022Effect of exchange-correlation functionals on the estimation of migration barriers in battery materialsDevi, Reshma; Singh, Baltej Gill ; Pieremanuele, Canepa 
1229-Jan-2021Elucidating the nature of grain boundary resistance in lithium lanthanum titanateSymington, Adam R; Molinari, Marco; Dawson, James A; Statham, Joel M; Purton, John; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA ; Parker, Stephen C
132019Evaluation of Mg compounds as coating materials in Mg batteriesChen, T; Ceder, G; Gautam, G.S; Canepa, P 
142022Exploration of NaSICON Frameworks as Calcium-Ion Battery ElectrodesTekliye, Dereje Bekele; Kumar, Ankit; Weihang, Xie; Mercy, Thelakkattu Devassy; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Sai Gautam, Gopalakrishnan
152021Favorable Interfacial Chemomechanics Enables Stable Cycling of High-Li-Content Li–In/Sn Anodes in Sulfide Electrolyte-Based Solid-State BatteriesHänsel, Christian; GILL BALTEJ SINGH ; Kiwic, David; PIEREMANUELE CANEPA ; Kundu, Dipan
1621-Sep-2022Fundamental investigations on the sodium-ion transport properties of mixed polyanion solid-state battery electrolytes (August, 10.1038/s41467-022-32190-7, 2022)Deng, Zeyu ; Mishra, Tara P; Mahayoni, Eunike; Ma, Qianli; Tieu, Aaron Jue Kang ; Guillon, Olivier; Chotard, Jean-Noel; Seznec, Vincent; Cheetham, Anthony K ; Masquelier, Christian; Gautam, Gopalakrishnan Sai; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
1720-Jan-2022H2O and CO2 surface contamination of the lithium garnet Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyteLi, Yuheng ; Prabhu, Asmee M; Choksi, Tej S; Canepa, Pieremanuele 
182017High magnesium mobility in ternary spinel chalcogenidesCanepa, P ; Bo, S.-H; Sai Gautam, G; Key, B; Richards, W.D; Shi, T; Tian, Y; Wang, Y; Li, J; Ceder, G
1924-Oct-2022Hybrid Germanium Bromide Perovskites with Tunable Second Harmonic GenerationLiu, Yang; Gong, Ya-Ping; Geng, Shining; Feng, Mei-Ling; Manidaki, Despoina; Deng, Zeyu ; Stoumpos, Constantinos C; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Xiao, Zewen; Zhang, Wei-Xiong; Mao, Lingling
2016-Jul-2021Insights into the Rich Polymorphism of the Na+ Ion Conductor Na3PS4 from the Perspective of Variable-Temperature Diffraction and SpectroscopyFamprikis, Theodosios; Bouyanfif, Houssny; Canepa, Pieremanuele ; Zbiri, Mohamed; Dawson, James A; Suard, Emmanuelle; Fauth, François; Playford, Helen Y; Dambournet, Damien; Borkiewicz, Olaf J; Courty, Matthieu; Clemens, Oliver; Chotard, Jean-Noël; Islam, M Saiful; Masquelier, Christian