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Michael Thorsten Gastner
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2021Agent-based neutral competition in two-community networksIshida, Kota; Oborny, Beata; Gastner, Michael T 
22020Beyond Fortune 500: Women in a Global Network of DirectorsEvtushenko, Anna; Gastner, Michael T 
318-Nov-2021CartogramGastner, Michael Thorsten 
423-Mar-2011Changes in the Gradient Percolation Transition Caused by an Allee EffectGastner, Michael T ; Oborny, Beata; Ryabov, Alexey B; Blasius, Bernd
51-Jun-2018Consensus time in a voter model with concealed and publicly expressed opinionsGastner, Michael T ; Oborny, Beata; Gulyas, Mate
631-Jul-2005Density-equalizing map projections: Diffusion-based algorithm and applicationsM. T. Gastner ; M. E. J. Newman
718-May-2004Diffusion-based method for producing density-equalizing mapsGastner, MT ; Newman, MEJ
86-Mar-2018Fast flow-based algorithm for creating density-equalizing map projectionsGastner, Michael T ; Seguy, Vivien; More, Pratyush
92019go-cart.io: a web application for generating contiguous cartogramsS. Tingsheng ; I. K. Duncan; M. T. Gastner 
101-Jan-2014How heavy-tailed is the distribution of global cargo ship traffic?Gastner, Michael T ; Ducruet, Cesar
112009Inefficiency in networks with multiple sources and sinksH. Youn; M. T. Gastner ; H. Jeong
128-Mar-2021Mapping the inequality of the global distribution of seasonal influenza vaccineYau, Yen Ching; Gastner, Michael T 
131-Mar-2005Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election resultsGastner, MT ; Shalizi, CR; Newman, MEJ
1410-Dec-2019Mean Consensus Time of the Voter Model on Networks Partitioned into Two Cliques of Arbitrary SizesM. T. Gastner ; K. Ishida
152021Modelling on the very large-scale connectomeÓdor, Géza; Kelling, Jeffrey; Gastner, Michael ; Deco, Gustavo
162020Motivating Good Practices for the Creation of Contiguous Area Cartograms.Tingsheng, Shi; Duncan, Ian K; Chang, Yen-Ning; Gastner, Michael T 
1717-Feb-2016Network formation, statistical physics and social dynamicsGASTNER, MICHAEL THORSTEN 
182014Opinion formation models on a gradientGastner M.T. ; Markou N.; Pruessner G.; Draief M.
191-Jul-2006Optimal design of spatial distribution networksGastner, Michael T ; Newman, MEJ
2019-Sep-2008Price of anarchy in transportation networks: Efficiency and optimality controlYoun, Hyejin; Gastner, Michael T ; Jeong, Hawoong