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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2018A non-parametric generative model for human trajectoriesOuyang, K; Shokri, R ; Rosenblum, DS ; Yang, W 
27-Sep-2020Bypassing Backdoor Detection Algorithms in Deep LearningTan, Te Juin Lester ; Shokri Reza 
319-May-2019Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Deep Learning: Passive and Active White-box Inference Attacks against Centralized and Federated LearningMilad Nasr; REZA SHOKRI ; Amir Houmansadr
4May-2020Epione: Lightweight Contact Tracing with Strong Privacy.Trieu, Ni; Shehata, Kareem; Saxena, Prateek ; Shokri, Reza ; Song, Dawn 
51-Jan-2018Machine Learning with Membership Privacy using Adversarial RegularizationNasr, Milad; Shokri, Reza ; Houmansadr, Amir
67-Oct-2020Membership Encoding for Deep LearningCongzheng, Song; Shokri Reza 
719-May-2019Membership Inference Attacks Against Adversarially Robust Deep Learning ModelsLiwei Song; REZA SHOKRI ; Prateek Mittal
8May-2017Membership Inference Attacks Against Machine Learning ModelsShokri, Reza ; Stronati, Marco; Song, Congzheng; Shmatikov, Vitaly
917-Jul-2020On the Privacy Risks of Model ExplanationsShokri Reza ; Strobel, Martin; Zick, Yair 
1019-May-2021On the Privacy Risks of Model ExplanationsShokri, Reza ; Strobel, Martin Ruediger; Zick, Yair 
1121-Jul-2021On the Privacy Risks of Model ExplanationsShokri, R ; Strobel, M; Zick, Y 
121-Jan-2017Plausible deniability for privacy-preserving data synthesisBindschaedler, Vincent; Shokri, Reza ; Gunter, Carl A
1311-Nov-2019Privacy Risks of Securing Machine Learning Models against Adversarial ExamplesLiwei Song; REZA SHOKRI ; Prateek Mittal
141-Jan-2015Privacy-Preserving Deep LearningShokri, Reza ; Shmatikov, Vitaly
151-Jan-2016Synthesizing Plausible Privacy-Preserving Location TracesBindschaedler, Vincent; Shokri, Reza