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Alfred M. Wu
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Alfred M. Wu

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2020Anti-Corruption Policy: China's Tiger Hunt and India's DemonetizationLina Vyas; Alfred M. Wu 
218-May-2018Decentralised Governance and Empowerment of County Governments in China: Betting on the Weak or the Strong?Yong Fan; Yan Wu; Alfred M. Wu ; Wei Wang
318-May-2018Decentralised governance and empowerment of county governments in China: betting on the weak or the strong?Fan Y.; Wu Y.; Alfred M. Wu ; Wang W.
413-Jul-2020Immigration and Public Attitudes Towards Social Assistance: Evidence from Hong KongShen Yang; Bo Miao; Alfred M. Wu 
516-Dec-2020International Tax Competition and Foreign Direct Investment in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Panel Data AnalysisXu Chengwei; Alfred M. Wu 
62017Land use reforms: Towards sustainable development in ChinaWang W.; Alfred M. Wu ; Ye F.
728-Dec-2017Land Use Reforms: Towards Sustainable Development in ChinaWen Wang; Alfred M. Wu ; Fangzhi Ye
81-Jan-2018Massification of Higher Education in Asia: Consequences, Policy Responses and Changing GovernanceAlfred M. Wu ; HAWKINS JOHN N.
930-Jul-2020Public sector innovation, e-government, and anticorruption in China and India: Insights from civil servantsAlfred M. Wu ; YAN YIFEI; LINA VYAS
103-Dec-2019Public–Private Partnerships in the Water Sector InChina: a comparative analysisQian Neng ; Schuyler House; Alfred M. Wu ; Wu Xun
1115-Aug-2018The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Urban Agglomeration: Evidence from ChinaAlfred M. Wu ; Lin Ye; Li Hui 
1215-Aug-2018The impact of fiscal decentralization on urban agglomeration: Evidence from ChinaAlfred M. Wu ; Ye L.; Li H. 
1317-Nov-2017The Limits of Massification in the Asia-Pacific Region: Six Conflicting HypothesesJohn N. Hawkins; Ka Ho Mok; Deane Neubauer; Alfred M. Wu 
142-Dec-2019The Logic of Basic Education Provision and Public Goods Preferences in Chinese Fiscal FederalismAlfred M. Wu 
1518-Jul-2018University Enrollment Expansion and Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from ChinaYe L.; Alfred M. Wu ; Yang X.