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1Feb-202034.2 1225-Channel Localized Temperature-Regulated Neuromorphic Retinal-Prosthesis SoC with 56.3nW/Channel Image ProcessorPark, Jeong Hoan ; Tan, Joanne Si Ying; Wu, Han ; Yoo, Jerald 
2Feb-202034.5 Human-Body-Coupled Power-Delivery and Ambient-Energy-Harvesting ICs for a Full-Body-Area Power SustainabilityLi, Jiamin; Dong, Yilong ; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Lin, Longyang ; Tang, Tao ; Zhanq, Miaolin; Wu, Han ; Zhang, Lian ; Tan, Joanne Si Ying; Yoo, Jerald 
3Feb-202034.6 EEG Dust: A BCC-Based Wireless Concurrent Recording/Transmitting Concentric ElectrodeTang, Tao ; Yan, Long; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Wu, Han ; Zhang, Lian ; Lee, Ho Yin Benjamin; Yoo, Jerald 
4Nov-2019A 0.012 mm2, $1.5 \mathrm{G}\Omega$ ZIN Intrinsic Feedback Capacitor Instrumentation Amplifier for Bio-Potential Recording and Respiratory MonitoringZhang, Lian ; Tang, Tao ; Park, Jeong Hoan ; Yoo, Jerald 
5Nov-2019A 15-Ch. 0.019 mm2/Ch. 0.43% Gain Mismatch Orthogonal Code Chopping Instrumentation Amplifier SoC for Bio-Signal AcquisitionPark, Jeong Hoan ; Tang, Tao ; Zhang, Lian ; Ng, Kian Ann ; Yoo, Jerald 
62020A 3-Mbps, 802.11g-Based EMG Recording System with Fully Implantable 5-Electrode EMG Acquisition DeviceNg, Kian Ann ; Rusly, Astrid; Gammad, Gil Gerald Lasam ; Le, Nguyen ; Liu, Shih-Chiang ; Leong, Khay Wai ; Zhang, Miaolin; Ho, John S ; Yoo, Jerald ; Yen, Shih-Cheng 
72020BioCNN: A Hardware Inference Engine for EEG-based Emotion DetectionGonzalez, Hector A; Muzaffar, Shahzad; Yoo, Jerald ; Elfadel, Ibrahim M