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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A feasible study for the working mechanism and parameter optimization of the agitatorJing, J.; Liu, W.; Zhou, Y. 
22017A proposal application based on strain energy for damage detection and quantification of beam composite structure using vibration dataTiachacht, S; Bouazzouni, A; Khatir, S; Behtani, M.A; Zhou, Y.-L ; Abdel Wahab, M
32015Damage detection and quantification using transmissibility coherence analysisZhou, Y.-L ; Figueiredo, E; Maia, N; Perera, R
42017Damage detection in structures using frequency response functions ensemble with extended cosine based indicatorZhou, Y.-L ; Qian, X ; Cao, H ; Magd, A.W
52017Damage localization and quantification of composite beam structures using residual force and optimizationBehtani, A; Bouazzouni, A; Khatir, S; Tiachacht, S; Zhou, Y.-L ; Wahab, M.A
62017Damage localization and quantification of composite stratified beam Structures using residual force methodBehtani, A; Bouazzouni, A; Khatir, S; Tiachacht, S; Zhou, Y.-L ; Abdel Wahab, M
72018Degradation of the in-plane shear modulus of structural BFRP laminates due to high temperatureHu, Y.-J; Jiang, C; Liu, W; Yu, Q.-Q; Zhou, Y.-L 
82017Delamination detection in laminated composite using Virtual crack closure technique (VCCT) and modal flexibility based on dynamic analysisKhatir, S; Behtani, A; Tiachacht, S; Bouazouni, A; Abdel Wahab, M; Zhou, Y.-L 
92018Dynamic model updating for bridge structures using the kriging model and PSO algorithm ensemble with higher vibration modesQin, S; Zhang, Y; Zhou, Y.-L ; Kang, J
102019Investigation of the mechanical response of a deep-water drilling riser to ocean currents and wavesTang, L.; Huang, Z.; Zhu, X.; Zhou, Y. ; Li, B.
112018Looseness localization for bolted joints using Bayesian operational modal analysis and modal strain energyHu, Y.-J.; Guo, W.-G.; Jiang, C.; Zhou, Y.-L. ; Zhu, W.
122017Output-based structural damage detection by using correlation analysis together with transmissibilityZhou, Y.-L ; Cao, H ; Liu, Q; Wahab, M.A
132018Republished paper. Rapid early damage detection using transmissibility with distance measure analysis under unknown excitation in long-term health monitoringZhou, Y.-L ; Wahab, M.A
142017Review on structural damage assessment via transmissibility with vibration based measurementsZhou, Y.-L ; Hongyou, C; Zhen, N ; Abdel Wahab, M
152015Single side damage simulations and detection in beam-like structuresZhou, Y.-L ; Wahab, M.A; Perera, R; Maia, N; Sampaio, R; Figueiredo, E
162020Stick–slip vibrations in oil well drillstring: A reviewTang, L.; Guo, B.; Zhu, X.; Shi, C.; Zhou, Y. 
172018Structural health monitoring of 3d frame structures using finite element modal analysis and genetic algorithmTiachacht, S; Bouazzouni, A; Khatir, K; Behtani, A; Zhou, Y.-L.M ; Wahab, M.A
182017Structural system identification by utilizing transmissibility coherence from limited measured dataZhou, Y.-L ; Hongyou, C; Zhen, N ; Zhang, L; Abdel Wahab, M
192019Vibration mitigation effect investigation of a new slab track plate designLiu, L.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Y.-L. ; Qin, J.