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Yan Xiang Ow

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12022Comparative study on anatomical traits and gas exchange responses due to belowground hypoxic stress and thermal stress in three tropical seagrassesSoonthornkalump, Sutthinut; Ow, Yan Xiang ; Saewong, Chanida; Buapet, Pimchanok
230-Jun-2020Contribution of epiphyte load to light attenuation on seagrass leaves is small but critical in turbid watersOw, Yan Xiang ; Ng, Kai Jun; Lai, Samantha; Yaakub, Siti Maryam; Todd, Peter 
314-Feb-2020Female flowers of tropical seagrass Syringodium isoetifolium (Alismatales: Cymodoceaceae) in an ex-situ aquariumOW YAN XIANG ; PAVARNE SHANTTI SIVALINGAM V M ; LEE YEN-LING 
42016Light levels affect carbon utilisation in tropical seagrass under ocean acidificationOw Y.X. ; Uthicke S.; Collier C.J.
51-Sep-2010Light-induced morphological plasticity in the scleractinian coral Goniastrea pectinata and its functional significanceOw, YX ; Todd, PA 
62010Light-induced morphological plasticity in the scleractinian coral Goniastrea pectinata and its functional significanceOW YAN XIANG ; Todd, P.A. 
71-Aug-2018Losing a winner: thermal stress and local pressures outweigh the positive effects of ocean acidification for tropical seagrassesCollier, Catherine J; Langlois, Lucas; Ow, Yan ; Johansson, Charlotte; Giammusso, Manuela; Adams, Matthew P ; O'Brien, Katherine R; Uthicke, Sven
82017Model fit versus biological relevance: Evaluating photosynthesis-temperature models for three tropical seagrass speciesAdams, M.P; Collier, C.J; Uthicke, S; Ow, Y.X ; Langlois, L; O'Brien, K.R
92016Nitrate fertilisation does not enhance CO2 responses in two tropical seagrass speciesOw, Y.X ; Vogel, N; Collier, C.J; Holtum, J.A.M; Flores, F; Uthicke, S
1030-Sep-2021Observations on staminate flowers of Cymodocea serrulata in ex situ aquariumM, Pavarne Shantti Sivalingam V ; Ow, Yan Xiang 
112017Optimum temperatures for net primary productivity of three tropical seagrass speciesCollier, C.J; Ow, Y.X ; Langlois, L; Uthicke, S; Johansson, C.L; O’Brien, K.R; Hrebien, V; Adams, M.P
121-May-2015Responses of three tropical seagrass species to CO2 enrichmentOw, YX ; Collier, CJ; Uthicke, S
131-Jun-2018The diet and feeding rates of gastropod grazers in Singapore's seagrass meadowsFong, Jia Min; Lai, Samantha ; Yaakub, Siti Maryam; Ow, Yan Xiang ; Todd, Peter A 
142018The Singapore Blue Plan 2018Jaafar, Zeehan; Huang, Danwei; Tanzil, Jani Thuaibah Isa ; Ow, Yan Xiang ; Yap, Nicholas
151-Jan-2019Tropical Marine and Brackish EcosystemsOoi Seng Keat ; Tanzil, Jani TI ; Tay, Serene HX ; Ow, Yan Xiang ; Chua, Siew Chin ; Clews, Esther ; Bolton, Annette; Raghavan, Srivatsan ; Liong, Shie-Yui