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1Sep-2017AB109. Novel constitutional and somatic RB1 mutations underlying retinal cancers in addition to TNFα, KIF13A and MGMT alterationsSWATI TOMAR ; RAMAN SETHI ; Sundar, Gangadhara; QUAH THUAN CHONG ; QUAH BOON LONG ; LAI POH SAN 
21-Feb-2021Effect of semaphorin 3C gene variants in multifactorial Hirschsprung diseaseGunadi; Ryantono, Fiko; Sethi, Raman ; Marcellus; Kalim, Alvin Santoso; Imelda, Priscillia; Melati, Devy; Simanjaya, Susan; Widitjiarso, William; Pitaka, Ririd Tri; Arfian, Nur; Iskandar, Kristy; Makhmudi, Akhmad; Lai, Poh San
32017Mutation spectrum of RB1 mutations in retinoblastoma cases from Singapore with implications for genetic management and counsellingTomar S. ; Sethi R. ; Sundar G.; Quah T.C. ; Quah B.L. ; Lai P.S. 
42018NRG1 variant effects in patients with Hirschsprung diseaseGunadi, Budi N.Y.P.; Sethi R. ; Fauzi A.R.; Kalim A.S.; Indrawan T.; Iskandar K.; Makhmudi A.; Adrianto I.; San L.P.LLrp01459 
51-Nov-2019Resolving the Diagnostic Odyssey of a Patient with an Undefined Neuromuscular Disorder Using Massively Parallel Sequencing ApproachesYu, Yiliu; Ong, Hui Juan; SWATI TOMAR ; TAN LI XUAN, GRACE (CHEN LIXUAN) ; RAMAN SETHI ; TAY KIAT HONG,STACEY ; LAI POH SAN 
622-Oct-2020The orphan nuclear receptor NR0B2 could be a novel susceptibility locus associated with microsatellite-stable, APC mutation-negative early-onset colorectal carcinomas with metabolic manifestation.Lam, Kuen Kuen; RAMAN SETHI ; TAN PING PING, GRACE ; SWATI TOMAR ; Lo, Michelle; Loi, Carol; TANG CHOONG LEONG ; Tan, Emile; LAI POH SAN ; CHEAH PEH YEAN