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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-202040-year projections of disability and social isolation of older adults for long-range policy planning in SingaporeNg, R. ; Lim, S.Q. ; Saw, S.Y.; Tan, K.B.
225-Oct-2020Ageism Linked to Culture, Not Demographics: Evidence From an 8-Billion-Word Corpus Across 20 CountriesNg, Reuben ; Lim-Soh, Jeremy W.
32018Big data applications in governance and policyGiest, S.; Ng, R. 
421-Nov-2018Cloud Computing in Singapore: Key Drivers and Recommendations for a Smart NationREUBEN NG 
59-Nov-2021Diversity of covid?19 news media coverage across 17 countries: The influence of cultural values, government stringency and pandemic severityNg, Reuben ; Tan, Yi Wen 
617-Aug-2021Erratum: Ageism Linked to Culture, not Demographics: Evidence from an 8-Billion-Word Corpus across 20 Countries (The Journals of Gerontology: Series B (gbaa181) DOI: 10.1093/geronb/gbaa181)Ng, Reuben ; Lim-Soh, Jeremy W.
71-Feb-2022Hostility Toward Baby Boomers on TikTokReuben Ng ; Nicole Indran 
817-Aug-2021Implementing an individual-centric discharge process across singapore public hospitalsNg, Reuben ; Tan, Kelvin Bryan
92015Increasing negativity of age stereotypes across 200 years: Evidence from a database of 400 million wordsNg R. ; Allore H.G.; Trentalange M.; Monin J.K.; Levy B.R.
107-Dec-2022Media attention toward COVID-19 across 18 countries: The influence of cultural values and pandemic severityReuben Ng ; Yi Wen Tan 
111-Sep-2021News media narratives of Covid-19 across 20 countries: Early global convergence and later regional divergenceNg, Reuben ; Chow, Ting Yu Joanne ; Yang, Wenshu 
125-Feb-2022Not Too Old for TikTok: How Older Adults Are Reframing AgingReuben Ng ; Nicole Indran 
132018Pettiness: Conceptualization, measurement and cross-cultural differencesNg, R. ; Levy, B.
142020Self-acceptance and interdependence promote longevity: Evidence from a 20-year prospective cohort studyNg, R. ; Allore, H.G.; Levy, B.R.
1521-Aug-2021Societal age stereotypes in the u.S. and u.k. from a media database of 1.1 billion wordsNg, Reuben 
1626-Oct-2021Societal narratives on caregivers in AsiaNg, Reuben ; Indran, Nicole 
171-Jul-2021Societal perceptions of caregivers linked to culture across 20 countries: Evidence from a 10-billion-word databaseNg, Reuben ; Indran, Nicole