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Li-Fan, Philip Liu
Liu, Phillip Li Fan

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Apr-2019A model for obliquely incident wave interacting with a multi-layered objectHu J.; Zhao Y.; Liu P.L.-F. 
21-Oct-2018A unified coupled-mode method for wave scattering by rectangular-shaped objectsHu J.; Liu P.L.-F. 
3Sep-2021Effect of flexible coastal vegetation on waves in water of intermediate depthJie Hu ; Chiang C. Mei; Che-Wei Chang; Philip L-F. Liu 
42018Field survey of Typhoon Hato (2017) and a comparison with storm surge modeling in MacauLi, L; Yang, J ; Ting Chua, C; Wang, Y; Zhao, K ; Li-Fan Liu, P ; Switzer, A.D; Meng Mok, K; Wang, P; Peng, D
525-Jul-2018Laboratory-scale swash flows generated by a non-breaking solitary wave on a steep slopeHiguera P. ; Liu P.L.-F. ; Lin C.; Wong W.-Y.; Kao M.-J.
62020Modeling the Sources of the 2018 Palu, Indonesia, Tsunami Using Videos From Social MediaSepúlveda, I.; Haase, J.S.; Carvajal, M.; Xu, X.; Liu, P.L.F. 
79-Sep-2020Modeling Uncertainties of Bathymetry Predicted With Satellite Altimetry Data and Application to Tsunami Hazard AssessmentsIgnacio Sep ulveda; Brook Tozer; Jennifer S. Haase; Philip L.-F. Liu ; Mircea Grigoriu
81-Mar-2019Modelling surface temperature of granite seawalls in SingaporeZhao, K ; Yuan, J ; Loke, LHL ; Chan, SHM; Todd, PA ; Li-Fan Liu, P 
915-Sep-2021Non-stationary probabilistic tsunami hazard assessments incorporating climate-change-driven sea level riseIgnacio Sepuleda; Jennifer S. Hasse; Philip L.-F. Liu ; Mircea Grigoriu; Patricio Winckler
106-Sep-2021Numerical study on impacts of a concurrent storm-tide-tsunami event in Macau and Hong KongJinghua Wang ; Philip L.-F. Liu 
111-Nov-2018On the runup of laboratory-generated breaking solitary and periodic waves on a uniform slopeWu Y.-T. ; Liu P.L.-F. ; Hwang K.-S.; Hwung H.-H.
122-Aug-2021On water waves generated by a bottom obstacle translating at a subcritical speedLo, Peter H-Y; Liu, Philip L-F 
132016Parameterization of intrawave ripple-averaged sediment pickup above steep ripplesAmoudry, L.O; Souza, A.J; Thorne, P.D; Liu, P.L.-F 
142019Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment in South China Sea With Consideration of Uncertain Earthquake CharacteristicsSepúlveda, I.; Liu, P.L.F. ; Grigoriu, M.
152021Run-up and inundation generated bynon-decaying dam-break bores on a planar beachIGNACIO BARRANCO ; PHILIP LIU 
162020Runup and inundation generated by dam-break boresIGNACIO BARRANCO ; PHILIP LIU 
1711-Jan-2021SPH simulation of the 2007 Chehalis Lake landslide and tsunamiAlex Ghaitanellis ; Damien Violeau; Philip Liu ; Thomas Viard
182020Stability of the solitary wave boundary layer subject to finite-amplitude disturbancesOnder, Asim ; Liu, Philip L-F 
198-Feb-2020Supporting Information for "Modeling Uncertainties of Satellite Altimetry-predicted Bathymetry"Ignacio Sep ulveda; Brook Tozer; Jennifer S. Haase; Philip L.-F. Liu ; Mircea Grigoriu
2018-May-2019Surface water waves propagating over a submerged forestHu J.; Hu Z.; Liu P.L.-F.