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12016Ancient horizontal transfers of retrotransposons between birds and ancestors of human pathogenic nematodesSuh, A; Witt, C.C; Menger, J; Sadanandan, K.R ; Podsiadlowski, L; Gerth, M; Weigert, A; McGuire, J.A; Mudge, J; Edwards, S.V; Rheindt, F.E 
22015DNA reveals long-distance partial migratory behavior in a cryptic owl lineageSadanandan K.R. ; Tan D.J.X. ; Schjølberg K.; Round P.D.; Rheindt F.E. 
32019Gene Flow in the Müllerian Mimicry Ring of a Poisonous Papuan Songbird Clade (Pitohui; Aves)Garg, K.M. ; Sam, K.; Chattopadhyay, B. ; Sadanandan, K.R. ; Koane, B.; Ericson, P.G.P.; Rheindt, F.E. ; Baer, C..
42020Phylogenomics of white-eyes, a ‘great speciator’, reveals indonesian archipelago as the center of lineage diversityGwee, C.Y.; Garg, K.M. ; Chattopadhyay, B. ; Sadanandan, K.R. ; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Irestedt, M.; Lei, F.; Bloch, L.M.; Lee, J.G.H.; Irham, M.; Haryoko, T.; Soh, M.C.K.; Peh, K.S.-H.; Rowe, K.M.C.; Ferasyi, T.R.; Wu, S.; Wogan, G.O.U.; Bowie, R.C.K.; Rheindt, F.E. 
52019Population divergence and gene flow in two East Asian shorebirds on the verge of speciationSadanandan, K.R. ; Küpper, C.; Low, G.W. ; Yao, C.-T.; Li, Y.; Xu, T.; Rheindt, F.E. ; Wu, S.
62016Population genetics of the olive-winged bulbul (Pycnonotus plumosus) in a tropical urban-fragmented landscapeTang, G.S.Y; Sadanandan, K.R ; Rheindt, F.E 
72020Using historical genome-wide DNA to unravel the confused taxonomy in a songbird lineage that is extinct in the wildBaveja, P.; Garg, K.M. ; Chattopadhyay, B. ; Sadanandan, K.R. ; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Yuda, P.; Lee, J.G.H.; Rheindt, F.E.