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Lin, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A geopolitics of (im)mobility?Lin W. 
22020AeromobilitiesLin W. ; Shilon M.
32018Aeromobility justice: A global institutional perspectiveLin W. 
4Jul-2015Aluminum Dreams: The Making of Light Modernity, Mimi Sheller.The MIT Press, London (2014). £20.95 (Hardback). ISBN:978-0-262-02682-6Lin W. 
528-Jul-2016Aviation and Climate Change: Practising Green Governmentality across the North-South DivideWeiqiang Lin 
6Jan-2012Beyond flexible citizenship: Towards a study of many Chinese transnationalismsLIN WEIQIANG 
72015'Cabin pressure': Designing affective atmospheres in airline travelLin W. 
82018Catering for flight: Rethinking aeromobility as logisticsLin W. 
92013Chinese migration to Singapore: Discourses and discontents in a globalizing nation-stateYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Lin, Weiqiang 
102018Cosmopolitanism in cities and beyondYeoh B.S.A. ; Lin W. 
112012Cosmopolitanism in cities and beyondYeoh B.S.A. ; Lin W. 
122015Drawing lines in the sky: The emotional labours of airspace productionLin W. 
132014Flying through Ash Clouds: Improvising Aeromobilities in Singapore and AustralasiaLin W. 
142019Infrastructure's Expenditures: Changi Airport, Food Cargo and Capital's TechnosphereLin W. 
152018Migration and the production of migrant mobilitiesLin W. ; Gleiss M.S.
1629-Mar-2017Migration infrastructures and the production of migrant mobilitiesWeiqiang Lin ; Johan Lindquist; Biao Xiang; Brenda S. A. Yeoh 
172014Mobilities and modernities in Asia: history, historiography, and be(com)ing on the moveSteele M.W.; Lin W. 
182015Moving in relations to Asia: The politics and practices of mobilityLin W. ; Yeoh B.S.A. 
192016Multiplying diversities: how “new” Chinese mobilities are changing SingaporeYeoh B.S.A. ; Lin W. 
202011Questioning the 'field in motion': Emerging concepts, research practices and the geographical imagination in Asian migration studiesLin W. ; Yeoh B.S.A.