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Stuart William George Derbyshire
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Distinct BOLD fMRI responses of capsaicin-induced thermal sensation reveal pain-related brain activation in nonhuman primatesAsad  A.B.A.; Seah S.; Baumgartner R.; Feng D.; Jensen A.; Manigbas E.; Henry B.; Houghton A.; Evelhoch J.L.; Derbyshire S.W.G. ; Chin C.-L.
22013Feeling the pain of others is associated with self-other confusion and prior pain experienceDerbyshire, S.W.G ; Osborn, J; Brown, S
3May-2016'Imagined guilt' vs 'recollected guilt': implications for fMRIMclatchie, Neil; Giner-Sorolla, Roger; Derbyshire, Stuart WG 
411-Jan-2021Offset analgesia is reduced on the palm and increases with stimulus durationAsplund, Christopher L ; Kannangath, Anjali; Long, Victoria Jane En; Derbyshire, Stuart WG 
54-Oct-2023Reasons to be skeptical about sentience and pain in fishes and aquatic invertebratesBenjamin K. Diggles; Robert Arlinghaus; Howard I Browman; Steven J Cooke; Robin L. Cooper; Ian G Cowx; Charles D Derby; Stuart W Derbyshire ; Paul JB Hart; Brian Jones; Alexander O Kasumyan; Brian Key; Julian G Pepperell; D. Christopher Rogers; James D Rose; Alex Schwab; Anne B Skiftesvik; Don Stevens; Jeffrey D Shields; Craig Watson
6Jan-2020Reconsidering fetal painDerbyshire, Stuart WG ; Bockmann, John C
7Aug-2019Stepwise increasing sequential offsets cannot be used to deliver high thermal intensities with little or no perception of painDerbyshire, Stuart WG ; Long, Victoria Jane En; Asplund, Christopher L 
81-Feb-2017Suggestions to Reduce Clinical Fibromyalgia Pain and Experimentally Induced Pain Produce Parallel Effects on Perceived Pain but Divergent Functional MRI-Based Brain ActivityDerbyshire, Stuart WG ; Whalley, Matthew G; Seah, Stanley TH ; Oakley, David A
928-Apr-2016When Pain Brings Gain: Soccer Players Behavior and Admissions Suggest Feigning Injury to Maintain a Favorable ScorelineDerbyshire, Stuart WG ; Angel, Ilana; Bushell, Richard