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Timothy Clifton Winter
Winter, T
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-2016Active cooling and low carbon comfortWinter, T 
226-Jun-2009Asian tourism and the retreat of anglo-western centrism in tourism theoryWinter, T 
31-Mar-2013Auto-exoticism: Cultural display at the Shanghai ExpoWinter, T 
417-Feb-2014Beyond Eurocentrism? Heritage conservation and the politics of differenceWinter, T 
515-Mar-2016Caught between nationalism and internationalism: Replicating histories of Antarctica in HobartLeane, E; Winter, T ; Salazar, JF
61-Jan-2022Civilisations in dialogue? UNESCO and the politics of building East and West relationsWinter, T 
71-Sep-2013Clarifying the critical in critical heritage studiesWinter, T 
827-May-2016Climate change and our heritage of low carbon comfortWinter, T 
91-Jun-2017Conflict heritage, preservation diplomacy, and future corridors of smugglingWinter, T 
1020-Jun-2023COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and Heritage FuturesWinter, Tim 
1121-Feb-2015Cultural diplomacy, cosmopolitanism and global hierarchy at the Shanghai ExpoWinter, T 
122-Jan-2017Expertise and the making of World Heritage policyJames, L; Winter, T 
131-Jan-2016From sustainable architecture to sustaining comfort practices: Air conditioning and its alternatives in AsiaWinter, T 
141-Jan-2022Geocultural diplomacyWinter, T 
15Oct-2022Geocultural power and the digital Silk RoadsWinter, Tim 
1613-Jan-2021Geocultural Power: China's Quest to Revive the Silk Roads for the Twenty-First CenturyLin, Shaun ; Yang, Yang; Alff, Henryk; Frost, Mark R; Kaneti, Marina; Oakes, Tim; Rigg, Jonathan; Rippa, Alessandro; Wang, June; Winter, T 
171-Jan-2021Geocultural Power: China’s Belt and Road InitiativeWinter, T 
1827-Sep-2019Geocultural Power: China’s quest to revive the Silk Roads for the 21st Century, Chicago: University of Chicago PressWinter, Timothy Clifton 
191-Jun-2013Going places; Challenging directions for the future of heritage studiesWinter, T 
202015Heritage and Nationalism: An Unbreachable Couple?Winter, Tim