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Matthew Lim Sheng Mian
Lim, Matthew S.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-May-2019Childhood adversity and behavioural addictions: The mediating role of emotion dysregulation and depression in an adult community sampleMatthew Lim ; Francis Yue-Lok Cheung; Jie Min Kho ; Catherine So-Kum Tang 
21-Dec-2017Chinese Beliefs in Luck are Linked to Gambling Problems via Strengthened Cognitive Biases: A Mediation TestMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Robert D. Rogers
31-Jan-2014Expressing Gambling-Related Cognitive Biases in Motor Behaviour: Rolling Dice to Win PrizesMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Bowden-Jones, Henrietta; Rogers, Robert David
41-Jan-2015Impulsivity and predictive control are associated with suboptimal action-selection and action-value learning in regular gamblersMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Jocham, Gerhard; Hunt, Laurence T.; Behrens, Timothy E. J.; Rogers, Robert David
511-Aug-2019Simulated die-rolling behaviours express illusions of control in regular gamblersMatthew Lim ; Robert Rogers
64-Mar-2017The experience of gambling problems in British professional footballers: a preliminary qualitative studyMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Bowden-Jones, Henrietta; Salinas, Maria; Price, Jonathan R.; Goodwin, Guy Μ.; Geddes, John R.; Rogers, Robert David
717-May-2017Validation of a Vietnamese Mental Health Recovery Scale for Vietnamese refugeesMATTHEW LIM SHENG MIAN ; Angela Byrne; Jack Shieh; Hồ Quang Tấn; Oliver Mason
82018Workaholism on job burnout: A comparison between American and Chinese employeesCheung, F.; Tang, C.S.K. ; Mian, M. ; Koh, J.M.