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Shu Ting Goh
Goh, S. T.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2016A Low Complexity Kalman Filter for Improving MEMS based Gyroscope PerformanceChia, JW; Tissera, MSC; Low, KS; Goh, ST ; Xing, YT
21-Oct-2018A Photovoltaic Model Based Method to Monitor Solar Array Degradation On-Board a MicrosatelliteSoon, Jing Jun ; Chia, Jiun Wei; Aung, Htet ; Lew, Jia Min; Goh, Shu Ting ; Low, Kay-Soon
31-Jan-2016A Pre-Processed Orbital Parameters Approach for Improving Cubesat Orbit Propagator and Attitude DeterminationGoh, Shu Ting ; Chia, Jiun Wei; Chin, Shi Tong; Low, Kay Soon; Lim, Lip San 
41-Jan-2018All Electric Aircraft Mid-Air Recharging via Wireless Power Transfer: Battery Requirement StudyGoh, Shu Ting ; Zekavat, Seyed Reza
51-Jan-2019All-Electric Aircraft Localization Performance Study via Space Solar Power Satellite ConstellationGoh, Shu Ting ; Zekavat, Seyed Reza
61-Jan-2021All-Electric Aircraft mm-Wave High-Speed and Low Cost Mid-Air Recharging: Satellite and Aircraft Array Configuration StudyGoh, Shu Ting ; Zekavat, Seyed A
71-Jan-2018An Inequality Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter for Parameter Estimation ApplicationGoh, Shu Ting ; Soon, Jing Jun ; Low, Kay-Soon
83-Dec-2018An Introduction to Kalman Filtering Implementation for Localization and Tracking ApplicationsTing Goh, Shu ; Reza Zekavat, SA; Abdelkhalik, Ossama
92022An Optimized Plane Change Solution for Microsatellite Formation FlyingGoh, Shu Ting ; Low, Samuel YW; Low, Kay-Soon ; Poh, Eng Kee 
101-Mar-2021An Overview on Position Location: Past, Present, FutureZekavat, S; Buehrer, RM; Durgin, GD; Lovisolo, L; Wang, Z; Goh, ST ; Ghasemi, A
111-Aug-2020Battery Management System With State-of-Charge and Opportunistic State-of-Health for a Miniaturized SatelliteAung, Htet; Soon, Jing Jun ; Goh, Shu Ting ; Lew, Jia Min; Low, Kay-Soon
1223-Oct-2016Ground operation analysis of an advanced satellite in near equatorial orbitAbhishek Rai ; Goh ; Low
132012Implementation of a differential geometric filter for spacecraft formation orbit estimationGoh, S.T ; Abdelkhalik, O; Zekavat, S.A
141-Jan-2016In-orbit VELOX-II orbit propagator performance study using pre-processed two-line-element methodGoh, ST ; Chia, JW; Low, KS; Lim, LS 
1518-Jun-2019Leader-Followers Satellite Formation Control for Low-Thrust Small Satellite ApplicationGoh Shu Ting ; Low, Kay Soon ; Poh, Eng Kee
161-Jan-2021On-orbit Gyroscope Bias Compensation to Improve Satellite Attitude Control PerformanceTissera, MSC ; Low, KS; Goh, ST 
1721-Apr-2016Performance Analysis on NORAD TLE Pre-Process Method for Low Cost ADCS MCUGoh ; Chia, J; Chin, ST; Low, KAY; Lip-San LIM 
181-Jan-2018Real-Time Estimation of Satellite's Two-Line Elements via Positioning DataGoh, Shu Ting ; Low, Kay-Soon
1930-Sep-2022Simplex Back Propagation Estimation Method for Out-of-Sequence Attitude Sensor MeasurementsGoh, Shu Ting ; Tissera, MSC; Tan, RongDe Darius; Srivastava, Ankit ; Low, Kay-Soon ; Lim, Lip San 
201-Jan-2020Space Solar Power Millimeter Wave Mid-Air Recharging Performance Analysis: Atmospheric, Rain and Cloud AttenuationGoh, Shu Ting ; Zekavat, Seyed A