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Zhong Yu
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Zhong, Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2012A multi-dimensional sampling method for locating small scatterersSong, R.; Zhong, Y. ; Chen, X. 
215-Mar-2010A multipole-expansion based linear sampling method for solving inverse scattering problemsAgarwal, K. ; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
32008A new MUSIC electromagnetic imaging method with enhanced resolution for small inclusionsZhong, Y. ; Chen, X. 
42007A robust noniterative method for obtaining scattering strengths of multiply scattering point targets (L)Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
5Mar-2011An FFT twofold subspace-based optimization method for solving electromagnetic inverse scattering problemsZhong, Y. ; Chen, X. 
6Oct-2010An improved subspace-based optimization method and its implementation in solving three-dimensional inverse problemsZhong, Y. ; Chen, X. ; Agarwal, K. 
71-Oct-2010Comparison among the variants of subspace-based optimization method for addressing inverse scattering problems: Transverse electric casePan, L.; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. ; Yeo, S.P. 
811-Feb-2008Effect of absorption on terahertz surface plasmon polaritons propagating along periodically corrugated metal wiresShen, L.; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. ; Agarwal, K. 
92008Electromagnetic imaging of multiple-scattering small objects: Non-iterative analytical approachChen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
10Jan-2014Electromagnetic response of anisotropic laminates to distributed sourcesZhong, Y. ; Lambert, M.; Lesselier, D.; Chen, X. 
112011Enhancing subspace-based inversions through an efficient multi-scaling schemeOliveri, G.; Zhong, Y. ; Chen, X. ; Massa, A.
12Oct-2012Imaging small three-dimensional elastic inclusions by an enhanced multiple signal classification methodSong, R.; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
131-Feb-2010Influence of multiple scattering on subwavelength imaging: Transverse electric caseChen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
142009Interpretation of linear sampling method in terms of induced multipolesAgarwal, K. ; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
1523-May-2011Inverse scattering problem in presence of a conducting cylinderShen, J.; Chen, X. ; Zhong, Y. ; Ran, L.
162013Inverse scattering problems of reconstructing perfectly electric conductors with TE illuminationShen, J.; Zhong, Y. ; Chen, X. ; Ran, L.
17Oct-2011Multiresolution subspace-based optimization method for inverse scattering problemsOliveri, G.; Zhong, Y. ; Chen, X. ; Massa, A.
182009MUSIC electromagnetic imaging with enhanced resolution for small inclusionsChen, X. ; Zhong, Y. 
19Dec-2007MUSIC imaging and electromagnetic inverse scattering of multiple-scattering small anisotropic spheresZhong, Y. ; Chen, X. 
202011On a new stable modeling of dyadic Green's functions of electrically uniaxial planar-layered mediaZhong, Y. ; Lambert, M.; Lesselier, D.; Chen, X.