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Kai Meng Tan
Meng Tan, K.
Tan, K.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2005[3:2]-pairs of symmetric group algebras and their intermediate defect 4 blocksMartin, S.; Tan, K.M. 
21-Oct-2004A v-analogue of Peel's theoremChuang, J.; Miyachi, H.; Tan, K.M. 
31-Dec-2006Adjustment matrices for weight three blocks of Iwahori-Hecke algebrasFayers, M.; Tan, K.M. 
4Dec-2012Asymptotic behaviour of Lie powers and Lie modulesBryant, R.M.; Lim, K.J. ; Tan, K.M. 
51-Jan-2009Beyond Rouquier partitionsTan, K.M. 
622-Oct-2016Canonical bases for Fock spaces and tensor productsChuang, Joseph; Tan, Kai Meng 
71-Mar-2001Defect 3 blocks of symmetric group algebras, IMartin, S.; Tan, K.M. 
8May-2003Filtrations in Rouquier blocks of symmetric groups and Schur algebrasChuang, J.; Tan, K.M. 
925-Apr-2018Homomorphisms from specht modules to signed young permutation modulesLim, KJ ; Tan, KM 
102019Jantzen filtration of Weyl modules, product of Young symmetrizers and denominator of Young's seminormal basisFang, Ming; Lim, Kay Jin ; Tan, Kai Meng 
11Mar-2008Kleshchev's decomposition numbers and branching coefficients in the fock SpaceChuang, J.; Miyachi, H.; Tan, K.M. 
12Mar-2001On certain blocks of schur algebrasChuang, J.; Tan, K.M. 
13May-2000On the principal blocks of FG-fraktur sign11 and FG-fraktur sign12 over a field of characteristic 3Tan, K.M. 
1410-Oct-2000On the principal blocks of g-fraktur sign9 and g-fraktur sign10 over a field of characteristic 3Tan, K.M. 
1515-Nov-1999On Young Modules of Defect 2 Blocks of Symmetric Group AlgebrasChuang, J.; Tan, K.M. 
161-Dec-2017Parallelotope tilings and q-decomposition numbersChuang, J; Miyachi, H; Tan, KM 
171-Jan-2016Periodic Lie modulesLim, Kay Jin ; Tan, Kai Meng 
18Nov-2003Representations of wreath products of algebrasChuang, J.; Tan, K.M. 
191-Aug-2002Row and column removal in the q-deformed Fock spaceChuang, J.; Miyachi, H.; Tan, K.M. 
202013Sign sequences and decomposition numbersTan, K.M. ; Teo, W.H.