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Erik Torbjorn Sjoqvist
Erik, S.
Sjöqvist, E.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Jan-2014Classification scheme of pure multipartite states based on topological phasesJohansson, M.; Ericsson, M.; Sjöqvist, E. ; Osterloh, A.
229-Mar-2013Comment on "detecting non-Abelian geometric phases with three-level Λ systems"Ericsson, M.; Sjöqvist, E. 
38-Apr-2011Correlation-induced non-Abelian quantum holonomiesJohansson, M.; Ericsson, M.; Singh, K. ; Sjöqvist, E. ; Williamson, M.S. 
420-Feb-2014Non-Abelian geometric phases in a system of coupled quantum bitsMousolou, V.A.; Sjöqvist, E. 
5Sep-2013Non-Abelian off-diagonal geometric phases in nano-engineered four-qubit systemsMousolou, V.A.; Canali, C.M.; Sjöqvist, E. 
616-Sep-2011Non-Abelian quantum holonomy of hydrogenlike atomsMousolou, V.A.; Canali, C.M.; Sjöqvist, E. 
7Oct-2012Non-adiabatic holonomic quantum computationSjöqvist, E. ; Tong, D.M.; Mauritz Andersson, L.; Hessmo, B. ; Johansson, M.; Singh, K. 
824-Oct-2012Nonadiabatic holonomic quantum computation in decoherence-free subspacesXu, G.F.; Zhang, J.; Tong, D.M.; Sjöqvist, E. ; Kwek, L.C. 
914-Jul-2011Open-system effects on slow light and electromagnetically induced transparencyTidström, J.; Ericsson, M.; Sjöqvist, E. ; Andersson, L.M.
101-Jan-2012Relative state measures of correlations in bipartite quantum systemsPierre, R.; Erik, S. 
1121-Dec-2012Robustness of nonadiabatic holonomic gatesJohansson, M.; Sjöqvist, E. ; Andersson, L.M.; Ericsson, M.; Hessmo, B. ; Singh, K. ; Tong, D.M.
1225-Oct-2010Spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate in a tilted optical latticeLarson, J.; Martikainen, J.-P.; Collin, A.; Sjöqvist, E. 
1319-Apr-2013Three-qubit topological phase on entangled photon pairsJohansson, M.; Khoury, A.Z.; Singh, K. ; Sjöqvist, E. 
1412-Mar-2012Topological phases and multiqubit entanglementJohansson, M.; Ericsson, M.; Singh, K. ; Sjöqvist, E. ; Williamson, M.S. 
1511-Jul-2013Unifying geometric entanglement and geometric phase in a quantum phase transitionAzimi Mousolou, V.; Canali, C.M.; Sjöqvist, E. 
16Jan-2014Universal non-adiabatic holonomic gates in quantum dots and single-molecule magnetsMousolou, V.A.; Canali, C.M.; Sjöqvist, E. 
1721-Nov-2013Validity of the rotating-wave approximation in nonadiabatic holonomic quantum computationSpiegelberg, J.; Sjöqvist, E.