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Sulzmann, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A concurrent constraint handling rules implementation in Haskell with software transactional memoryLam, E.S.L.; Sulzmann, M. 
22006A framework for extended algebraic data typesSulzmann, M. ; Wazny, J.; Stuckey, P.J.
32005A theory of overloadingStuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. 
42006A type-safe embedding of XDuce into MLSulzmann, M. ; Lu, K.Z.M.
52004An implementation of subtyping among regular expression typesLu, K.Z.M.; Sulzmann, M. 
62007Aspect-oriented programming with type classesSulzmann, M. ; Wang, M.
72002Exception analysis for non-strict languagesGlynn, K.; Stuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. ; Søndergaard, H.
82006Extracting programs from type class proofsSulzmann, M. 
92008HM(X) type inference is CLP(X) solvingSulzmann, M. ; Stuckey, P.J.
102004Improving type error diagnosisStuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. ; Wazny, J.
112003Interactive Type Debugging in HaskellStuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. ; Wazny, J.
122007Language-Based Program Verification via Expressive TypesSulzmann, M. ; Voicu, R. 
132006Modular generic programming with extensible superclassesSulzmann, M. ; Wang, M. 
142007Observable confluence for constraint handling rulesDuck, G.J.; Stuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. 
152006Principal type inference for GHC-style multi-parameter type classesSulzmann, M. ; Schrijvers, T.; Stuckey, P.J.
162003Resource usage verificationMarriott, K.; Stuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. 
172004Sound and decidable type inference for functional dependenciesDuck, G.J.; Peyton-Jones, S.; Stuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. 
182007System F with type equality coercionsSulzmann, M. ; Chakravarty, M.M.T.; Jones, S.P.; Donnelly, K.
192006Type processing by constraint reasoningStuckey, P.J.; Sulzmann, M. ; Wazny, J.
202007Understanding functional dependencies via constraint handling rulesSulzmann, M. ; Duck, G.J.; Peyton-Jones, S.; Stuckey, P.J.