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Lin Shengcai
Lin, S.
Lin, S.-C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-1996A CBP integrator complex mediates transcriptional activation and AP-1 inhibition by nuclear receptorsKamei, Y.; Xu, L.; Heinzel, T.; Torchia, J.; Kurokawa, R.; Gloss, B.; Lin, S.-C. ; Heyman, R.A.; Rose, D.W.; Glass, C.K.; Rosenfeld, M.G.
2Jun-1997Apoptosis signaling pathway in T cells is composed of ICE/Ced-3 family proteases and MAP kinase kinase 6bHuang, S.; Jiang, Y.; Li, Z.; Nishida, E.; Mathias, P.; Lin, S. ; Ulevitch, R.J.; Nemerow, G.R.; Han, J.
33-Dec-1999Axin forms a complex with MEKK1 and activates c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase/stress-activated protein kinase through domains distinct from Wnt signalingZhang, Y.; Neo, S.Y.; Wang, X. ; Han, J.; Lin, S.-C. 
427-May-2000Axin-induced apoptosis depends on the extent of its JNK activation and its ability to down-regulate β-catenin levelsNeo, S.Y.; Zhang, Y.; Yaw, L.P.; Li, P. ; Lin, S.-C. 
528-Mar-1997Characterization of a novel mammalian RGS protein that binds to Gα proteins and inhibits pheromone signaling in yeastChen, C. ; Zheng, B.; Han, J.; Lin, S.-C. 
61996Characterization of the structure and function of a new mitogen- activated protein kinase (p38β)Jiang, Y.; Chen, C. ; Li, Z.; Guo, W.; Gegner, J.A.; Lin, S. ; Han, J.
711-Aug-2000Dimerization choices control the ability of axin and dishevelled to activate c-Jun N-terminal kinase/stress-activated protein kinaseZhang, Y.; Soek Ying Neo; Han, J.; Lin, S.-C. 
810-Feb-1997Identification and characterization of a predominant isoform of human MKK3Han, J.; Wang, X. ; Jiang, Y.; Ulevitch, R.J.; Lin, S. 
929-Jan-1999RGS16 attenuates Gα(q)-dependent p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation by platelet-activating factorZhang, Y.; Neo, S.Y.; Han, J.; Yaw, L.P.; Lin, S.-C. 
109-Jul-1999The membrane association domain of RGS16 contains unique amphipathic features that are conserved in RGS4 and RGS5Chen, C. ; Seow, K.T. ; Guo, K.; Yaw, L.P.; Lin, S.-C.