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Sin Kiong Wong
Kiong, W.S.
Wong, Sin Kiong
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120101905年抵制美货运动: 中国城市抗争的研究黄贤强 
320061905年的广州社会文化: 从抵制美货运动的几个侧面观察黄贤强 
531-Mar-2019A Chinese Consul in Malaya during the Late Qing Period: A Cross-regional study of Liang Biru and his familyWong Sin Kiong 
628-Feb-2019An Incomplete Plan of Saving China through Agricultural Industry: General Huang Qiang and His Study Trips to Nanyang and TaiwanWong Sin Kiong 
72002Animal Imagery and Political Conflict in Modern ChinaWong, Sin Kiong ; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.
830-Sep-2018China and Southeast Asia: Cross-Regional Field Work and EssaysWong Sin Kiong ; Lew, Siew Boon; Deng, Yu
91996China Hands: The Adventures and Ordeals of the American Journalists Who Joined Forces with the Great Chinese RevolutionWong, Sin Kiong 
102002China's Anti-American Boycott Movement in 1905: A Study in Urban ProtestWong, Sin Kiong 
112013China's Politics in Nanyang: Reflections from the Lim Boon Keng's Gunshot Incident in SingaporeWONG, S 
121-Mar-2021Chinese Community and Leaders’ Sponsorship for Singapore Schools: Case Studies of the Chinese High School and Raffles InstitutionWONG SIN KIONG ; Tong, Wenxu
131989Chinese Ministers' Diplomacy and Chinese Immigration in the United States, 1875-1906Wong, Sin Kiong 
142012Confucianism, Chinese history and societyWong, Sin Kiong 
1530-Nov-2017Cross-regional network of Chinese tycoons in Southeast AsiaWONG SIN KIONG 
16Jul-2001Die for the Boycott and Nation: Martyrdom and the 1905 Anti-American Movement in ChinaWong, Sin Kiong 
1730-Nov-2017Discovering overseas Chinese intellectuals: Biographies of the Nanyang Chinese in a Journal in modern ChinaWong Sin Kiong 
182015Discussion on Zhang Yunan's Cross-regional Social Network through Souvenir in Memory of the Late Zhang RongxuanWONG SIN KIONG ; Bai, Y
191999"Huiguan 21" to Look into Past, Present and Future of Chinese Clan Associations in SingaporeWong, Sin Kiong 
202017Intellectual Interactions between Sun Yatsen and Asian IntelligentsiaWong Sin Kiong