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Lee, C.L.
Lee, C.-L.
Lee, Cher Leng
Lee, C.-l.
Lee, C.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999Chinese characters: Semantic and phonetic regularity norms for China, Singapore, and TaiwanRickard, Liow S.J. ; Tng, S.K.; Lee, C.L. 
21991Chinese-English Code-Mixing: A Case of Matrix Language AssignmentKamwangamalu, N.M. ; Lee, C.-L. 
31-Jan-2019Classical Chinese pronouns: Pragmatic implications and politenessLee, CL 
430-May-2019Code-switching in Singapore MandarinLee Cher Leng 
531-Jan-2017Compliments and RequestsLee Cher Leng 
624-Apr-2019Filling gaps or code choice? Code-switching across generations in colloquial Singapore MandarinLee, Cher Leng 
72000Grammatical and discourse conditions on long distance reflexives in two Chinese dialectsCole, Peter; Hermon, Gabriella; Lee, Cher Leng 
81-Dec-2016Grandmother’s Tongue: Decline of Teochew Language in SingaporeLee Cher Leng 
92013Language use, attitude, and identity of the Teochew Community in SingaporeLee, Cher Leng 
101-Jan-2016Learning Mandarin in Singapore Preschools: Laying the Foundation for MultilingualismLee, CL 
111997Locality constraints on yes/no questions in Singapore TeochewCole, P.; Lee, C.L. 
121997Locality constraints on yes/no questions in Singapore TeochewCole, P.; Lee, C.L. 
132005Metaphor and media: exploring the China’s and Hong Kong’s discourse of Hong Kong’s transitionLee, Cher Leng 
142003Motivations of Code-Switching in Multi-Lingual SingaporeLee, C.-L. 
151-Apr-2022"our show is so twisted": Comparing impoliteness in Taiwan and Mainland China talk showsLee, CL ; Zhu, D
1627-Jul-2019Pronouns in an 18th Century Chinese novel: What they tell us about social dynamicsLee Cher Leng 
1711-Mar-2022Salvaging Mandarin education in Singapore through communityLee, Cher Leng ; Phua, Chiew Pheng 
18Nov-2012Saving Chinese-language education in SingaporeLee, C.L. 
192-Mar-2012Self-presentation, face and first-person pronouns in the AnalectsLee, C.L. 
20Mar-2013Silence and face-work in two chinese TV talk showsLee, C.L. ; Chen, Y.; Tan, G.L.