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Asher, M.G.
Asher, M.G.
Asher, Mukul Govindji
Asher, M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2012A Case for Developing the Municipal Bond Market in IndiaSheikh, Shahana; Asher, Mukul Govindji 
2Jun-2007Advice for IndiaAsher, M.G. 
323-May-2017An Anlysis of Post-2014 Social Protection Initiatives in IndiaMukul Asher 
4Aug-2012Coordinating Healthcare and Pension Policies: An Exploratory StudySingh Bali, Azad ; Asher, Mukul Govindji 
528-Mar-2009Creating fiscal space to pay for pension expenditure in AsiaMukul G. Asher ; Azad Singh Bali
6Dec-2013Fairness and Sustainability of Pension Arrangements in Singapore: An AssessmentAsher, Mukul Govindji ; Singh Bali, Azad 
72008Financial stability in Asian economiesSingala, S.; Asher, M.G. 
82015Inequality in Singapore: Requirements for Enhancing the Quality of Public DebateAsher, Mukul Govindji 
9Sep-2010Market Structure and Challenges for Annuities in IndiaAsher, Mukul Govindji ; Vasudevan, Deepa
102005Mobilizing non-conventional budgetary resources in Asia in the 21st centuryAsher, M.G. 
11Dec-2002Pension reform in an affluent and rapidly ageing society: The Singapore caseAsher, M.G. 
122002Pension reform in an affluent and rapidly ageing society: The Singapore caseAsher, M.G. 
131997Recent developments in Singapore's motor vehicle policiesPhang, S.-Y. ; Asher, M.G. 
14Oct-2012Reducing disparities and enhancing sustainability in Asian Pension systemsGuerard, Y.; Asher, M. ; Park, O.; Estrada, G.B.
15Oct-2012Reducing Disparities and Enhancing Sustainability in Asian Pension SystemsGuerard, Yves; Asher, Mukul Govindji ; Park, Donghyun; Estrada, Gemma Bolotaulo
162-Jan-2010Regulating Microfinance: A Suggested FrameworkShankar, Savita; Asher, Mukul Govindji 
172008Singapore's policy responses to ageing, inequality and poverty: An assessmentAsher, M.G. ; Nandy, A.
18Jul-2012Social Pensions for the Elderly in Asia: Fiscal Costs and Financing MethodsAsher, Mukul Govindji 
192015Social Protection in ASEAN : Challenges and Initiatives for Post 2015 VisionAsher, Mukul Govindji ; Zen, Fauziah
201989Tax reforms in East Asian developing countries: motivations, directions, and implicationsAsher, M.G.