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Mun Choon Chan
Chan, M.C.
Chan, Mun Choon
Choon, C.M.
Chan, M.-C.
Mun, C.C.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A distributed taxi advisory systemChoo, F.C.; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L.; Peh, L.-S.
22011A dual-radio framework for MAC protocol implementation in wireless sensor networksDoddavenkatappa, M.; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
32008A general model of probabilistic packet marking for IP tracebackLu, L.; Chan, M.C. ; Chang, E.-C. 
42008A medium access control protocol for UWB sensor networks with QoS supportTan, J.; Chan, M.-C. ; Tan, H.-X.; Kong, P.-Y.; Tham, C.-K.
52008A resource allocation scheme for TH-UWB networks with multiple sinksTan, H.-X.; Chan, M.-C. ; Kong, P.-Y.; Tham, C.-K.
62010A2-MAC: An adaptive, anycast MAC protocol for wireless sensor networksTan, H.-X.; Chan, M.C. 
72011Adaptive display power management for mobile gamesAnand, B. ; Thirugnanam, K.; Sebastian, J. ; Kannan, P.G.; Ananda, A.L. ; Chan, M.C. ; Balan, R.K.
82006AMCM: Adaptive multi-channel JMAC protocol for IEEE 802.11 wireless networksTan, P.; Chan, M.C. 
92011Application-aware disruption tolerant networkChoo, F.C.; Seshadri, P.V.; Chan, M.C. 
102009Architecture and incentive design of integrated cellular and disruption tolerant networksChen, B.B.; Chan, M.C. 
112012ARIVU: Making networked mobile games green: A scalable power-aware middlewareBhojan, A. ; Akhihebbal, A.L. ; Chan, M.C. ; Balan, R.K.
122010ARIVU: Power-aware middleware for multiplayer mobile gamesAnand, B. ; Thirugnanam, K.; Long, L.T.; Pham, D.-D.; Ananda, A.L. ; Balan, R.K.; Chan, M.C. 
132005Behaviors and effectiveness of rerouting: A studyChan, M.C. ; Lin, Y.-J.
142018BNV: Enabling Scalable Network Experimentation through Bare-metal Network Virtualization.Kannan, Pravein Govindan ; Soltani, Ahmad ; CHAN MUN CHOON ; Chang, Ee-Chien 
1527-Aug-2018BurstRadar: Practical real-time microburst monitoring for datacenter networksJOSHI RAJ ; Qu, Ting; CHAN MUN CHOON ; Leong Wing Lup,Ben ; Loo, B.T.
162013Change awareness in opportunistic networksGuo, X.F.; Chan, M.C. 
172008Channel-aware packet scheduling for MANETsSridhar, K.N.; Chan, M.C. 
18Apr-2018Codecast: Supporting Data Driven In-Network Processing for Low-Power Wireless Sensor NetworksMOHAMMAD MOBASHIR ; Chan, Mun Choon 
192010Connectivity monitoring in wireless sensor networksZhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L. 
202008Connectivity monitoring in wireless sensor networksZhang, M. ; Chan, M.C. ; Ananda, A.L.